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A little grass in my Gunga Galunga

Tee times started at 5:30am and 11 golfers showed up, 9 of which adhered to the proper dress code (#CollaredAndSleeveless). The other 2 will be forgiven this time since they were apparently scarred from their military hazing days.


  • DCCS given
    • Working with weights so modify as needed
    • Keep up with the group in front of you
    • “Cart Path Only
  • 2 lap mosey to COP
  • SSH x 18
  • Merkins x 18
  • Peter Parkers x 18
  • Lunge Squats x 9 each leg


  • Pace too slow so group was asked to split into Threesomes
  • Group 1 (shoulders):  2 guys squat thrust large weighted golf bag, 1 guy shoulder press small weighted golf bag or hand over hand weighted golf club
  • Group 2 (Cardio):  Either jump rope or agility ladder (2 up 1 back)
  • Group 3 (Chest TIMER):  Hand release Merkin wave to 72
  • Group 4 (Abs):  WW2 sit-ups with side/forward ball toss


  • Mosey to track
  • Gopher search: Hop over/crawl under partner x 10
  • Par 4:  P1 Maktar N’Dyaiye until P2 Sprints lap
  • Par 3: Pull-ups x 10 while P2 does Merkins


  • Mosey to wall
  • Head Shoulders Knees Toes x 9
  • Balls to Wall shoulder taps x 9
  • Let’s play that hole again


  • Bushwood is a great new AO. The goal is to bring in new PAX from SOB/Area 51/Waxhaw. Please be intentional and reach out to friends, neighbors, co-workers, etc. DISCLAIMER: The recommended dress code is Collared Shirts and/or Sleeveless to ensure Judge Smails stays annoyed with us caddies.
  • Great to see Delta back again. As usual, he was there early to do his putting stretching routine
  • Good amount of talking in the backswing today; found out that Illiterate and Hollywood share the same love of heavy metal music
  • The grass is always a fan favorite. Who knew that Marvin doesn’t pony up for grass that doesn’t itch . . . What kind of country club do they run?!?!?
  • Kudos to Mad Dog for showing up despite having a hitch in his giddy up. Call out to all of you who use the excuse of an injury to not post . . . Don’t let that jester’s voice define you.


  • YHC shared the cliff’s notes version of the recent F3 podcast with Slaughter. All PAX are HIGHLY encouraged to take 20 minutes (on 1.5x speed) to learn about where we’re going as an F3 organization and the possibilities of what we can do together as a group of leaders in our communities.  It’s perfect timing to understand and think about the BIG picture as we launch our new Region.  Listen to Podcast here
  • LazyBoy and Illiterate warned all dog owners to be vigilant about the water that their pups are drinking; there is an algae in standing water that can be deadly . . . Marvin dog owners should be safe since they apparently serve sparkling water to their dogs.


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