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5 Dry Docks

Seven kept it pretty simple (not easy) at Asylum.

Warm-up Circle
15 Side Straddles
15 Imperial Walker
10 Steve Earls
10 ‘Mericans
15 Plank Jacks

Point A -> B Opening Set
A series of mobility, agility and sprint drills approx. 20 yards each way. Examples includes high knees, butt-kicks, side shuffles, bear crawls, duck walks, lunges and burpee broad jumps. The drill last about 15 min. Each time we finished a set, it was concluded with 5 Carolina Dry Docks.

Tabata Time
4 min per set 20 sec work, 10 sec rest
Set 1 – Bonnie Blair (jumping side lunge)
Set 2 – Mountain climbers
Set 3 – Freddy Mercury
Set 4 – Burpees

Point A -> B Closing Set
Repeato of the above. It was significantly more difficult after the Tabata.

Low flutter, high flutter and Rosalita

Daily Affirmation
Sometimes the hardest job is doing something you’ve already done. It’s in that persistent grind where discipline and mental toughness is forged. Doing those sprints over and over again isn’t exciting, but it most representative of the daily work (both at home and for your employer). Learn to dig in and push through. Aye!

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