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A Fun? Re-Run

10 Pax braved the humid/somewhat rainy 71 degree morning gloom for my first “official” Bushwood Q (I had an unofficial Q a few weeks back… more on that later). Disclaimer given and we were off.

Mosey around “big bus lot island”: 18 Moroccan nightclubs, 9 SSHs, 18 Imperial Walkers, 9 Merkins, Upward Dog, Downward Dog with leg swing, Calf Stretches.

The Thang

** Disclaimer ** … due to travel last week and lack of planning time I had to fall back on some of the exercises I’d tested out at my unofficial Bushwood Q a few weeks back (sorry/not sorry to those that attended both).

OK, as most of you know by now I’m not the “fleetest guy afoot”, however, I decided to take the Pax on a slow mosey “off the grounds.” Everyone appeared to enjoy the sights while doing Bomb Jax ladder (first cul-de-sac, increase by one at each driveway on the right… these were a “fan favorite” during my unofficial Q), Bobby Hurleys ladder (second cul-de-sac, increase by one at each driveway on the right) and Speed Skaters ladder (third cul-de-sac, increase by one at each driveway on the right). We then reversed course with a run back to the Bushwood bus lot doing a Burpee ladder at each lamp post.

Upon arriving back at the big bus lot partner up… clydesdale with gazelle. Partner one does bear crawls around the outside of “the triangle of death” (three cones spread out in a large triangle) while partner two runs to the wall does 10 donkey kicks and then sprints around big bus lot island back to the triangle. Switch partners upon finishing each lap around the island. Audible called after 2.5 laps.

Grab some curb for some Jack Webbs consisting of “La-Z-Boy” merkins (reverse hand placement merkins works the biceps)/LBC’s combo for 9/36 “holes.”


A little too much chatter during the neighborhood portion of the workout but overall we all got through it. Thanks to everyone (especially Bottle Cap and One Star who helped with counting) who came out in support of my first Bushwood Q.

Announcements – 1. Last day to purchase the new “F3 Waxhaw” T-shirts. 2. Bottle Cap reminded everyone about being respectful to teachers etc. during workouts on school campuses once school starts. 3. Convergence on Labor Day weekend (Saturday at 7AM, Cutherbertson HS), details to follow.

La-Z-Boy took us out… say what!?

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