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PICK UP THE @&#%* 6

For my 46th Q and 1st one of the month in the newly formed F3 Waxhaw, I had Ignition. I use to HATE ignition mainly because the first time I posted Hollywood was on Q and he ran us into the ground and we did a million burpees. The next time was when Money Ball was fast (love you man, don’t be jelly DB) and we ran uphill both ways the whole time. I love the site now and plan to be a regular attendee.

Today I went weinke free for the first time since the convergence back in 2018! I admit I was a little nervous but I had some good stuff in mind. Lets go!

The Thang:

DiCCS given let’s mosey!

Semi slow mosey considering we had a mix of speed today and I did advertise it would be a Clydesdale friendly morning. Stop at high school parking lot and circle up.



Merkins – 10 Reg. Wide. Reg. Dia. Wide

Various legs stretch

Mosey to the side of high school and grab some wall. Ignition is meant to be a hard AO so today I tried a couple of new variations of already hard web routines starting with donkey kicks.

1 DK hold..Walk feet up and hands back for ball to the wall/ 5 pulses while holding BTW.

Audible #1! I think at 5 I yelled recover. It was a smoker!

Side note: No pre-planning was done so these exercises are probably completely out of order.

Mosey to middle school the long way around.

Ab web:

10 hands up crunch/40 Flutter, no hands flutter, Dolly and Rosalita

Lets Mosey:

Back around to the High School parking lot…Audible #2. Gerber and I were pulling away pretty good. That man is back, the calf is good and he’s ready to run! As Gerber and I approach the stopping point that was actually picked so the 6, who was 100 yards back, could catch up we hear this raspy deep almost whinny barking noise…Zinfandel is turning green ready to destroy all Gazelles not picking up the 6 who is in plain sight and approaching! I mean, we won’t leave anyone behind but we arent hold hands either. Some AO’s picking up the 6 if they get a little back is necessary due to short streets, darkness, or safety. These guys were in a lit parking lot making there way to us. LMAO. HEll, I have one eye and I could see them. Simmer down, big boy!

Was he really mad? No. His intentions were on point. We all should have circled back for the six. But at some point, I want the 6, especially if they choose to post at ignition on a regular basis to push harder and try to catch up. Back to the action.

Mike Tyson/Dry Dock web!! What? Seriously? Yep!

We barely made it to 5 MT/ 20 DD…Probably the hardest web next to Doc web that I’ve done. As Zinfandel stated… It wasn’t doable. If you did a true MT and a true DD you couldn’t finish. I challenge anyone that thinks they can!

AUDIBLE (This was #3) Switch to Speed Skators… so final round 10 MT/40 Speed Skaters.

After Zin and I sprayed 8 gallons of round-up all over the worst site in the F3 nation, I made a 2hr drive to Greensboro for a 20 min meeting…Let’s just say it took my legs a min to function properly!

Mosey towards Transporters shed, Gerber on his own mission said Ill be meet you there. A quick check of the Gramin and we needed more mileage. We ran by the shed down the trail back around to the front of the middle school.

OYO: 1 burpee run around traffic loop at middle school back in front and around parked cars at AO and back to start. That’s 1. Repeat x 2

When Bottle Cap heard OYO he was gone! We finished up those two laps and my weinke was shot! I turned to my fellow runner Gerber…”Man, I have nothing else, what do you want to do?” He said light poles..DONE!

Mosey to light poles in the parking lot behind parked cars.


Each pole down and back add a burpee 5 total

Run: Run 50% to the first pole, 75% to 2nd and AYG to last x 2

1.5 mins left. Let’s do it one more time! Done!

The Molskine:

Great group today and good numbers! At the end of the day, we all bust balls and at some point might even get a little butt hurt but we are brothers, we have each others back and I know I can count on most of you to help me out if I ever need it. Thanks for following me today even some of the exercisess were super hard. I didn’t check any form. If you tried to hold good form, you know how hard it was. Thanks again, guys! Cerberus on Friday, I’m putting the SOB boys through the exact same workout!!! HAHA


Hopefully, Old McDonald recorded them. Heres what I remember:

Christ closet this weekend. See Ackbar for details

Waxhaw adopt a block Saturday after Coffeteria 8-10 should only take an hr-ish

Spartan Race Oct 6th (Sprint) Nov 23rd (Beast) 4 Pax officially going to the sprint.

Prostate race is free! Sign up and push, I forgot the date. See Swimmers

Shampoo crew came out of Retirement today and is collecting again

Schinder VQ tomorrow at Watchtower.

Thanks Goodfella for taking us out! HYDRATE!!!!!

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