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Can Chickens Really Count?


Cellphone, CPR, and do not sue me, the school, or F3 and modify as needed-

The Warm Up

Mosey around parking lot and down long road to front of high school and circle up. Announce today is about not leaving the 6 and staying together-– oops just figured out on opening mosey we left the 6- Damn it!!! Epic FAIL!!

15- SSH

15- Mountain Climbers

Plank Position for some stretching and elbow plank stretching

Calve Stretch

The Thang

Mosey to the around towards the parking lots and go to the second Alcove for some wall work.

100- air press then as a group and run as a group to the gates between the parking lots for 10 Mike Tysons then back to wall in Alcove

75- air jabs then run as a group to the gates for 10 Mike Tysons and back to wall.

25- Inverted Mountain Climbers run as a group to gates for 10 Mike Tysons and back to wall

25- Inverted Mountain Climbers run as a group to the gates for 10 Mike Tysons.

Mosey around parking lot and then cut through the school near the cafeteria for some bench work and table work

40 – dips run for 25 step ups and back to benches

30- dips run for 15 step ups

30 one leg raised dips run for 15 step ups

30 one leg raised dips run for 15 step ups

Circle up for a Bear Crawl line around the grasses triangle. ( this kind of sucked).

Mosey down the path to the circular island for some Derkins on the curb -Derkin and slide to your right 10 times then repeat 10 times to your left.

Mosey down path towards transporter shed stopping halfway for 5 heels to heaven while the group catches up…

Mosey to transporter shed for some light ab work – here is where counting got a little screwy due to lack of oxygen in my Little Chicken Brain. Sorry Boys

10 – Big Boy sit-ups – in cadence single count, cadence, single count- JUST DO 10!!

25 – crunches , LBC’s in cadence

10- Big Boy sit ups- single count

15- Crunches, LBC’s single count, cadence, single count.

10 – Big Boy sit ups- OUY..

15- Crunches. LBC’s single count, cadence.

10 – Big Boy sit ups- OUY

15 – LBC’s in cadence– FINALLY said it right and counted right!!

Mosey up path to the intersection on the trail for some more ab work.

25- Single count Flutters

15- Heels to Heaven in cadence, single count ( THE PEANUT GALLEY is really questioning The chickens counting abilities and mental compacity at this time– CHICKENS HAVE FEELINGS YOU KNOW!!)

25- Flutters Single Count

15- Heels to Heaven OUY

25- Flutters single count’

150 Heels to Heaven in cadence- FINALLY GOT IT RIGHT–WHEW!!…

Run back to start and finish with 50 Bobby Hurley’s- on your OWN!!!


As always I really enjoy leading this group of men and leaders within our community– today we had 23 LEADERS!!!. Although the workout was not seamless due to the Chicken going Weinkeless, and it showed in his counting and exercise callouts– BUT we still logged 2.6 miles, 40 Mike Tysons, 40 Big Boy sit- ups, 75 Flutters, 50 inverted Mountain Climbers, 130 dips, and the PAX kept moving the whole morning. Once again thanks for letting me lead this group for my ONE TIME this month– ain’t no Burpee penalty here… Although Doughboy almost had me convinced I had a violation..


Christ’s Closet starts today and needs volunteers- Corner of Cuthbertson and New Town.

Clean up Downtown Waxhaw after commitment- around 8ish – park in Floater Lot. ( bring if you- have screw driver for weeds, back pack blower, gloves, rake, or shovel.

Help with launch of new site labor day– expected 150-200 people so sign up on sign up genius to help

F3 is not only for working out and hanging out- get out in community and lead in our community– Your brothers will follow up and help you.

Carb Load- VQ at commitment- 6:30-7:30

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