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F3 Waxhaw Launchvergence! 202 Pax

202 #HIM converged on Waxhaw today to officially launch F3 Waxhaw.  We were able to include all 3 F’s into today’s event and appreciate all that were in attendance.  Reiterating what Goodfella said this morning during COT, wanted to share with all to see what can happen when you join a group of men with a mission to Plant, Grow, and serve small workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community.  In looking at how F3 Waxhaw came about here is some background:


  • Original site – Commitment started by Ice9 and Snowflake
  • Thin Mint with the idea over a beer (just 1) to “Launch!”


  • Next site – Dromedary added by Bratwurst and Bananas
  • Sites grew from 1 to 2, to 6 and now we have 12+ sites / week


  • F3 Waxhaw has always found a way to serve and give back to community such as
  • Debbie’s House Project, Monroe Men’s Shelter, Cuthbertson MS Career Day, Sandbox Events, Downtown Waxhaw (“Angels”), Waxhaw Elementary Cleanup, Christ Closet, 2 Pax & truck

Thank You:

  • Thanks to Transporter & Doc Mcstuffins for initial leadership and creating the blue print
  • F3 Waxhaw Leadership Board
    • Bottlecap – energy, activity, passion to serve
    • Mad Dog – consistent strong leadership among the pax, quiet strength
    • Posse – weasel shaking and Q School Leadership
    • Goodfella – vision, leadership, and consistent motivation to keep pax going
    • Zinfandel – relentless COMZ, recruitment, social media presence
  • Thin Mint & SOB Board – ability to help get us band of misfits on our feet and endless support
  • Waxhaw Pax – all that contributed to make this a successful event and awesome kickoff
  • Everyone that came out here today and supported this launch

And now that we have covered the official report from Goodfella.  This is Foundation’s report on F3 Waxhaw Launchvergence.  Before going into today’s overview, I think this group we have here has grown to be a strong pax due ability to get after in the morning with 1st F opportunity, find ways to bond both as a group via various jabs taken/given on GroupMe, and through ability to collaborate and support the community in multiple 3rd F opportunities.  As it was said on a recent podcast the biggest thing to remember is  “Don’t forget to out at 5:30 in the morning and be a complete idiot.  Act like a child.  Fart and burp and make fun of the Q and just let loose before you go home and gotta be a grown up.”  So with that said, in typical F3 Waxhaw fashion meow is today’s backblast. 

Some how I was the only guy that would agree to have 5 guys send them pictures of their weinkes and agree to give a full review/report.  So here it goes:

  • Bottlecap: Weinke was sent via text.  Initial message was short, but in subsequent text it grew into form
  • Deadwood:  Sent via screenshot the night before and appeared to be long, but day of it he must have been in the pool as we experienced a little shrinkage.  “I was in the pool!”
  • Dasher: Very short and to the point.  In looking at it closer, it appears to provide much discomfort
  • Goodfella: (Insert short joke here), but did seem to cover a good amount of ground
  • Hollywood: Is known to be fast, but believe someone has stage fright and still wont show their weinke.  I will just have to fill in based on what I suspect it looks like.

Pre 7:00 AM Report

  • Parking Lot Attendants at work arrived prior to 6:00 am to direct traffic. 
    • Ackbar would be proud of Wedding Singer for using his son’s Star Wars Light Saber as signal.
    • In typical SOB region fashion – Escobar pulls in to lot and tosses keys to Parking attendant and says be sure keep car up front.  Sorry sir this is Union County we park ourselves.
  • 2nd F area being setup with breakfast spread / plenty of coffee
    • Smart move by the F3 Board to have Recalc (respect) manning the area and ensuring no whipper snappers parking too close to coffeteria area
  • 3 Trucks lined up for donation collection – Big thank you to all that donated and Christ Closet for allowing us to provide support.
    • Will be sure to include update in later backblasts on how much we collectively were able to give
  • Speed for Need training taking place in lower lot
  • Multiple pre-run groups happening
    • Unconfirmed count for Pax needing Rudy’s  Mr. Pinch First Nation Toilet services prior to start
  • Zinfandel has quick costume change and comes out doing his best impersonation of Ringo Starr or would you say George Carling as Mr. Conductor for today’s launch.  This is not what I think your parents were thinking when they said you should be an Engineer!
  • Don’t look now but here comes the Biker Gang from Ft Mill rolling in.  – Oh “biker” ….I’m an idiot
  • Shake & Bake (Darius Rucker) to sing National Anthem  never mind mic check failed


Short mosey to lower lot and circle up.  As always in Waxhaw we are very safe so thank you Bottlecap for wrapping up your DCCS briefing.  If new to Waxhaw before each workout we are sure to cover DCCS (Disclaimer/CPR/Cellphone/Safety Overview for morning workout) briefing to ensure that we always identify who the people that we can turn to in case ever needed in gloom.  Luckily today, each group had a pre-arranged Jock Strap to ensure our DCCS were covered for each group. Now back to the warmup.

  • Side Straddle Hop x 15
  • Imperial Walker x 15
  • Merkins x 15
  • Mountain Climbers x 15
  • Low Slow Squats x 15

At completion of warmup break into 5 groups.  Each being led by a Q / Wrangler / Jockstrap

Q1 Report: Q: Bottlecap / Wrangler: Zinfandel / Jock Strap: Recalc (decided to go jock sniff Hollywood’s group) so Bottlecap put on fresh chapstick if needed

Mosey to High School Alcove and 5 rounds of:

  • Mike Tysons x10
  • Run to alcove
  • Balls to Wall shoulder taps x 10

Regroup and mosey to front of school and confirmed that today Floater rules apply (Thursday workout in downtown Waxhaw where if train rolls through burpees until train passes).  Train is running through Cuthbertson today so comply with 10 burpees per minute x 3 minutes.

Next up is Jack’s little sister Ab Webb:

  • 1 WW2 sit-up / 4 x Flutters
  • Complete 10 rounds adding 1 x WW2 sit-up and 4 x Flutters each round.
  • Finish with 10 x WW2 / 40 x Flutters

Mosey to stairs and partner up for Dora – P1 runs to bottom of stairs and completes 2 x burpees P2 starts with exercise and switch upon P1 return.  Complete the following:

  • 100 Bomb Jacks
  • 200 Bobby Hurley’s
  • 300 Donkey Kicks

Next head to Double Culdesac loop and partner up.  P1 runs one direction and P2 runs opposite direction.  Each time meet up complete 10xhandslap merkins. Complete 2 rounds.

Head back to COT to meet up with larger group.

Q2 Report: Q: Deadwood / Wrangler: Foundation / Jock Strap: Chastain

2 Line Burpee Indian Run around front of school to Soccer Field  (DW was trying to channel inner Damascus, but quickly set straight by his Wrangler) so we setup by Transporter’s shed for

Captain Therkin:

  • 1 Big Boy Situp / 4 American Hammer / 4 Merkins
  • Do 10 rounds increasing Big Boy Situps and American Hammers each time until reach 10 /40 / 4

Give a 10 count and the Q/Wrangler confer and complete audible #1.  In my mind all while reciting – “Baby (DW) seems we never ever agree, You like to run, and I like to circle up.  You take things serious, and I take ‘em light.”  So in end we settle on:

Paula Abdul:  

  • 2 lights up / 1 light back burpee at each light. 
  • Complete the entire Moneyball trail and end up in Middle School Parking lot. 

A little mumblechatter from Dasher and his group that we encroached upon their area, but as the pirate says in Captain Phillips – “Look at Me!  I am the Captain Now!” so we claim our area and begin next exercise:

Mike Tyson Webb:

  • 1 Mike Tyson / 4 squats …..2 Mike Tysons / 8 squats and so on up to 10 Mike Tyson
  • In Cadence?  (I’m Ron Burundy?)  Note: For reference in case needed here is link to how to count F3 style –
  • Few audibles with Speed Skaters / Monkey Humpers thrown in. 

Hot Laps:

  • 2 laps each P1 run lap around islands / P2 complete exercise and trade upon entering pit area
  • Exercise include SSH / Merkins

Moesy to Alcove and bypass Burpee Train

Donkey Kick Holds

  • 10 Donkey Kicks and hold at top for 10 sec count
  • Decrease by 1 until reach 1 Donkey Kick and 10 sec hold

Mosey back to COT and circle up

Q3 Report: Q: Dasher / Wrangler:  Damascus / Jock Strap: Das Boot

Mosey towards front of school and at each light pole – 10 x t-merkins. 

Check in at High School entrance and unfortunately Waxhaw train still rolling through town.  Complete 3 mins of burpees until train passes by. 

Continue back on path following light poles with 10 x t-merkins to middle school parking lot. 

7’s on Hill

  • Squats at the bottom
  • Lunges at the top (added twist with up/over 5 picnic tables)

Paula Abdul (Note: She is a big hit down here in the country we call Union County)

  • 2 lights up 10 x Carolina Dry Dock
  • 1 light back 10 x Speed Skaters

Mosey back towards High School and do 2 rounds  (Q provided in best Mike Tyson voice while describing next series and ended with quote “I could feel his muscle tissues collapse under my force. It’s ludicrous these mortals even attempt to enter my realm.”

  • 10 Mike Tyson’s
  • Run 20 yds and back

Mosey back to COT with approx. 3 miles complete for group

Q4 Report : Q: Goodfella / Wrangler: Dana   / Jock Strap: Rudy

All aboard Goodfella Pain Train (including Rocky the stone) with speaker in tow (Note: Special occasion as he paid for the non-ad subscription of Pandora for today)

Burpee Train

  • Train is still crossing for another 3 minutes – 10 Burpees/Minute for 3 mins.

Mosey to stairs for partner work.

Yogi Berra Partner Station

½ group down path, ½ down stairs, other ½ do exercise  never mind stick with the 2 groups and just be sure to stay to the right and switch once you reach your partner.

  • P1: 150 x LBC / P2 Run Loop
  • P1: 150 x Heals to Heaven / P2 Run
  • P1 150 x American Hammers / P2 Run

Mosey to Middle School wall

Merkin Ladder

  • 10 Rounds: Start with 1 rep, increase to 2 reps….End with 10 reps

In front of MS partner up and complete ½ laps alternating with partners doing:

  • P1: 150 x dips / P2 run
  • P1: 100 x step ups / P2 run
  • P1: 150 x knee ups / P2 run

Run up driveway to hill and at each light – 1 burpee.  Finish with mosey to alcove for:

Pain MeDDS

  • 10 Merkins
  • 10 Donkey Kicks
  • 10 Derkins

Mosey back to start for COT

Q5 Report: Q: Hollywood / Wrangler: Gerber / Jock Strap: Rubbermaid

Official report is not in but, based on group leaders I imagine it went like this.

Do some basic moves – oh let’s run.

What should we do next – I know “Let’s run”   Ok, think we should do something to gather the 6, lets do some burpees to sound of the train.

Here is a new exercise we can try – Run!

Let us see if we can run in circles.

We will be sure to update further once official report is provided back

Entire Group

Bear /Carolina Dry Dock Webb

  • Bear Crawl 4 Count / 1 Dry Dock ….Bear Crawl 8 Count / 2 Dry Dock
  • Complete in circle until reach 10 Dry Dock / 40 Bear Crawl
    • At this point Ice 9 was either complaining due to # of bear crawls or was singing 3 Doors Down – Kryptonite “I’ll keep you by my side with my superhuman might Kryptonite, yea”
    • Since it was only heard once, twice, three times from Italian Job “Just because you can do it, doesn’t mean you should”  Wanted to be sure to include on the official record for our Corporate TPS report.  Again appreciate all of the help of the TRUEbadour Pax and efforts going in to the expansion of F3 globally! Big things to come.



  • Count off and we have 1…2….3…50….60…80….100…120…140…160…180…199…202  (based on few that left and others who came for Coffeteria)
  • Name O’Rama
    • Veteran move by Brat to remove the hospital name and age to speed up process.  Cheers to you sir!
    • Plenty of FNGs, 2.0, Respect, and Respect/Respect in attendance
    • Lost my $5 bet with Deflated on whether or not Frack would last through all announcements or be in corner doing some crunches.  But did hear he had difficulty holding the camera throughout COT as he had to fully extend elbows vs. holding camera only ¼ from chest.
  • Announcements
    • Goodfella ensures to thank the founders who brought F3 initially to Waxhaw
    • OG’s that helped to make group grow in our area
    • SOB Region who showed us how to prosper and help to see us stand on our own
    • Current Waxhaw Board Members that have continued to set the path for our region
    • F3 TRUEbadour – quick message and  
    • FNG naming to occur at Coffeeteria , Corporate quick to ensure that F3 Waxhaw turn in TPS reports on time and complete naming prior to Ball O’ Man.  Thank you Corporate Auditor Dark Helmet

Ball O’ Man

  • Continue to encourage us and encourage other men to join F3
  • Help us be better leaders, husbands, fathers, brothers, sons, neighbors
  • Keep us safe, put a hedge of protection around hour homes/communities/schools/country because we know there is a lot of darkness out there but you call us to be the Light, and we know that Darkness cannot exist in Light.

For any that would like to come back and workout with us clowns from Waxhaw, below provides some details on where you can find us:

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Foundation (Toby) – Out!

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