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Track Meet

I decided to stray away from the traditional bootcamp style workout and run a bit. I also wanted to make sure that the 6 would not be left behind.

I rolled in around 5:27 and was greeted with, “Jingles beat you here”! Awesome, Jingles may have fartsacked if he knew what was coming?

DiCCs given, lets mosey!


Quick mosey to the bus lot, Circle up!

Forgot the exact order:

6 Merkins – Slow Cadence

6 Imperial Walkers – IC

6 Low Slow Squat – IC

6- 6″ Plank Jacks – IC

6 Wide Merkins – IC

The Thang:

Mosey to the neighborhood beside the school.

1st Triple Nickel

5 Merkins @ bottom

10 Squats at the top – stop at the top after the 5th round

1st Suicide – To road intersection and back – 5 burpees to the end and back 5 burpees. .90 miles

2nd Triple Nickel

10 Speed Skaters @ Bottom

10 Speed Skaters @ bottom

2nd Suicide – It was long!!!

Same concept. Run to the middle road and back, then back to the stop sign.

20 Monkey Humpers each stop.

Mosey back for COT.

The Skin:

When I told Bread Bowl we were about to run 5 miles I got a 1000 yard stare from the young 2.0. Each time we crossed paths in the gloom his only words were Deadwood I hate you! Nice work Breadbowl, you kept moving the whole time, I didn’t see any walking from you at all. Keep coming and you will get faster.

The usual speeders were upfront, Geber, Dasher, Hollywood, Easy Button and then Hollywood disappeared for a couple of minutes. Not sure if he wanted to extend the suicide length, was looking for the 6, or pulled a Rudy in a front yard??

In all of my 48 Q’s I have yet pulled a Hooch and arrived at COT late, why would the pax think that would start today!

A crowd of pax arrived at the last suicide point as I was circling back for the 6 and they proceded to head back to COT! My mind had so many questions! Was my watch not work? Could the not make it 1/4 mile in 5 minutes? Was this Bread Bowls dirty work? I have a few guesses but no proof! We rolled back into COT with 1 min to go, no problem. Trust your Q with the time until the Q gives you a reason not to. I don’t need reminders, alarms or Q jacking…I have all kinds of Audibles for that!!! Haha

The typical “everyone worked hard” is an understatement. There were guys that posted today that have never hit 3 miles during a run much less 4+, WELL DONE…and you’re still alive. I am a firm believer that pax need to get out of their comfort zone and today was the day. Running is boring, but it works. Well done!



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