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Change up

Yes, Deadwood is on Q again… is what some of the pax were thinking as they rolled in or saw it posted on GM. Once this rotation of AO Q’s is complete I plan to simmer on the Qing and let some of you newbies step in and up! Qing is great but lately, it feels a bit repetitive so today I wanted to change that. We did zero webs, not one ladder and we kept it right at 2.5 miles. I hate partner work (Pax can’t count) so I knew that was out. I started looking at the campus on Google and I noticed the tennis courts…BINGO.

As Bread Bowl and Doughboy walked up I ask the half-pint man child if he was ready…”You’re on Q?” “Dads lets go”. Haha. Last week we covered a lot of miles at Watchtower which only about 2% of us enjoyed. Bread Bowl you’re off the hook today.

Quick DiCCS and a pic to follow! Lets mosey

Sloooow mosey to the front of the middle school and back around to the parking lot. I was mid-pack, and Chicken Little and a couple of others took off, I let them know the plan so they were good to go. Running in the middle of the pax allowed me to pick up the 6 and then run back to the steer the front. I got in some killer running!

The Warmup: No weinke today so I may forget a few.

Low Slow Squat IC x 10.. and I counted slow! Legs are still tight from the IPC

SSH IC x 10

IW IC x 10

Merkins IC x 20

Calf Stretch – Flapjack

Wide Merkins – CC x 10

Diamond Merkin CC x 10

6″ Hold

Recover – Let’s mosey

We took off towards transporters shed and I already let the gazelles know were headed to the tennis courts. Still running mid-pack I noticed Chicken Little we moving, I yelled circle back. We picked up the 6 and headed to the courts.

A quick lap around the TC and find a spot on the line.

1st round – Across and back x 2. One side 10 MT the others? No clue but we did something.

2nd round – hit 5 lines total for suicide. One burpee on the return. Slow mosey for one lap and back to the line.

3rd Round – Suicide bear crawl. Run to half court, bear crawl back. Full court, bear crawl when you reach half court back to start x 2. When complete do slow mosey for one lap…back to the line.

4th round – The 5 line suicide again but this time 5 burpees when you return. Slow mosey for one lap. Back to the line

5th round – Hald court suicide – 50 LBC at middle and 100 AM at the end…SMOKER. Slow mosey for one lap.

6th and final round. Full 5 line suicide on the final back AYG! mosey back towards Transporters Shed.

Time for one more suicide. To the paved trail on the right and back. 20 Dry Docks. then run all the way back for COT. Myself Chicken Little and a couple of others got to the Dry Dock quicker than most. I handed out more DD for the gazelles. We did DD until the 6 was in and they picked up the cadence and we were off.

Back to COT with 2.5 mins remaining… Circle up! Speed Skaters until 6:15!! Done!!

The Moleskine:

Great job guys! The goal was to get the heart rate up and back down and continue this the entire workout. I rarely will call a 10 count..I think I have maybe twice but after Qing the convergence with Foundation I realize that the 10 count is actually a very important part of recovery for some Pax. I think I called 4 today! Bread bowl give me 10, Sprinkles 10, Chainsaw 10, Old McDonald 10… Wow, Who am I???? What happened to Deadwood? It was weird.

I have to make a big shout out to Bread Bowl and Shake n Bake. Although Bread Bowl was the six on the moseys to and from the TC he pushed his self very hard on the court. Each lap he ran with me or past me. Little man can handle short distances. He is the pax that needs a 10 count. It allowed him time to catch his breath and push hard for another round. Made me feel pretty good.

Shake, you are the most encouraging Pax I know. When I first started we preran a lot, I think the first time you pushed me so hard I spilled Merlot and the pax then had to run right over the pile… gross. We trade the push. On days you struggle I’m right there to give you what you need to continue on. You see potential in pax and know that with a little push here and there they will grow, get faster and at the same time build confidence.

Today that we Bread Bowl. The mosey from Transporters shed back to COT whooped him. I circled back with you and witnessed you talking it up and encouraging him the whole way! Without that, we would have 100% stopped and started walking. You told him 50 times..Just keep those feet moving, while you had one hand on his back for the literal push! It worked, he moseyed all the way back and didn’t stop. Well done my friend

Its guys like Shake n Bake that me proud to be a part of this group. All pax push hard, but when I see a pax encouraging to that level I notice it.

Find a guy during a workout that is struggling..Slow down and stick with him, encourage him. Your already fast and one slower workout won’t kill you. I guarantee an FNG that is encouraged and not just left behind praying he can keep up, will return. And eventually, hopefully, he will pay it forward and keep the encouragement going for the next FNG or pax that is struggling.

The workout today was for all speeds. Gazelles could push the limits on the suicides and Clydesdales didn’t feel abandoned and had time to recover. I liked it. If I want to push hard and run more Ill hit another AO or the trail. I will keep the workouts hard but will keep the 6 in mind! YW!


Tubbing this Sunday (9/15) @ Pump House – See Doughboy for details

Prayers for Boitano

Bread Bowl is working towards the Octopax Challenge…No beer Bread Bowl! Complete the challenge within 2 months and Ill personally make sure its worth it! You got this!!

Thanks, GF for taking us out!

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