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Born to Roll

17 strong and brave men joined me to run up and down a couple of Waxhaw’s most famous hills. I got roped suckered asked nicely into Q’ing yesterday and was prepared as usual. I even impressed the PAX by writing some stuff on paper I had strategically placed around the streets of F3 Waxhaw. Most planning I had done in a while.

WARM UP: Mosey to the front of South Providence School while dodging a few cars, standard Floater stuff. MC x 15 IC, Plank Jacks x 15 IC, Peter Parkers x 15 IC, more?

THANG: From side of school–20 Merkins, run to Waxhaw Library, 1 burpee, run back 20 jump squats, up to King Street 1 burpee and back 20 LBC, up and back on Bad Idea, 1 burpee and back

Shoulder presses on wall x 50 IC while recovering

Mosey back Stop at library for Merkins on hill, x 15 while facing in each direction

Towards downtown-At random large rocks placed on lawn down side of street- Broad jump uphill from beginning to end-every other rock 2 burpeees –at least 14 total        Mary-Freddie Mercury, x 15 IC, dolly x 15 IC

To Cupcake Queen parking lot-10 Jump squats at each intersection on the way there In parking lot-20 CDD, run to front of Provisions, 1 burpee, back To corner of Caldwell and Church st, 1 burpee, back Down and up recently discovered steep hill behind the skate park… BURPEE TRAIN!!!

Very long train today. THE LONGEST. 3-5 6 min and 20 seconds!!! of consecutive burpees while we waited for that thing to pass. Yes someone timed the train and you guessed it, it was Fuse Box. 

Finished the set up the hill, 1 burpee, back

Mary while we wait-Heel to heaven x 15 IC

In lot, 10 wide arm merkins, 12 CDD, 14 stagger merkins, 16 CDD

Back to cars-burpees for the final 30 seconds

MOLESKIN: Obviously I had more planned and wanted to get in a bit more running and try and get to Keith Jung Un Death Hill (getting messages all night asking me to run more today, weird), but with the humidity out there, it worked out anyway. The unpredictability of the train is unique to this AO, and the chatter really gets going when that whistle can be heard a mile away, knowing what’s to come. Watching the train go by as you are doing the burpees definitely makes it feel much longer.

I should have known something was up when Deadwood went sprinting 100 mph past Dasher up Bad Idea Hill. Paid for it later in the workout I think but apparently, it was all about bragging rights getting the record time on a Strava segment. Kid Rock definitely has plans to change that soon.

Posse solidified what we knew all along-He will be a great school crossing guard upon retirement. Guy risked his life to save us while we dangerously crossed Hwy 75. Thanks and glad we didn’t leave any out there.

There were other things that happened too but I forgot and will likely just slip into a future backblast when I remember. If I didn’t mention your name it was probably because I wasn’t paying attention, or more likely because you didn’t do anything to wow me.

With that being said, you are all appreciated and I’m thankful for the comradery and support from you guys that are out here most mornings. Obviously I wouldn’t still be here 3.5 years later if it was just about merkins and burpees. As usual, all of the guys worked their butts off. Good push.  I swear one of these days I’ll be able to correctly complete the disclaimer. But we did look good though.


Isabella Santos Race 9/28- Need runners and Speed for Need pushers—See Waxhaw Group Me or Slack for details. Great F3 event.

Doughboy is desperately seeking some folks to join him tubing the Catawba on Sunday. Bonus-Bread Bowl may be there for extra shenanigans

Tons of races/events coming up-Vagabond, Spartan, Ragnar, Speed for Need-don’t be afraid to jump in and sign up. You’ll be glad you did.

Recalculating-solid takeout

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