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C.R.E.A.M. – 2 for 5’s over here

Cuthberston Rules Everything Around Me – we had 26 Pax for Impromptu and 7 Pax w/ 1 Proctor completing the IPC today. Work started early for the IPC group as they were gathering their blocks and measuring exact distance needed. Deflated and I rolled in 5:15ish offered the speaker as peace offering to IPC group to use if needed. While circling around to parking lot thought about rearranging some of the cones, but figured that would just be not well received.

Over at Impromptu with 1 min before the big show we wrapped up DCCS and went moseying down the path. At bottom of concrete path planned to circle up, but had to Deadwood audible due to incoming cars. Frack thanks for comforting me and letting me know not a big issue for someone on their 1st Q. Go up to circle by football field and circle up there for warmup.


  • 15 x SSH
  • 15 Imperial Walkers
  • 10 Jimmy Dugans
  • 15 Mt. Climbers
  • 15 Merkins

Thang: 2 for 5’s them SOB PAX got garbage down the way, word up

1st 5 (triple nickle)

  • 5 Burpees at the bottom circle
  • 5 supines at the top
  • 5 rounds

When finished circle up and do Mary waiting on the 6. Once complete mosey over to wood benches.

2nd 5

  • 20 Dips
  • Bear Crawl, Crab Walk, Duck Walk around the triangle
  • Run to benches at the school
  • 20 step ups (10/leg)
  • 5 rounds

When finished circle up and do Mary waiting on the 6. Form 2 lines when all complete

Burpee Indian Run towards front of school. Once we reached the school line up along the tree line facing the IPCers. Recalc be careful don’t stub a toe on the blocks left in the grass. Once all in line lets provide the IPC group some encouragement. Turn and face the road and 30 Monkey Humpers in cadence. Unsure if this was the point at which Deadwood spilled the Merlot or not. Will need to get confirmation from Wolverine (Proctor) for validation. Once complete mosey to side parking lot.

Partner up and complete 2 x of partner burpees. P1 goes 1 way around parking lot, P2 goes the other. When you meet complete 5 x hand slap burpees. Complete 2 sets and Fin.


  • Trojan – Good to have you back out in the gloom and seeing the foot is holding up well
  • Dasher – apology that today was “acapella” and we did not have any Ultimate Frisbee. Will be sure to have ready for next Q.
  • Ricky Bobby – Took it to the track today and did not succumb to temptation to say “I love crepes”
  • Sprinkles – Great job out front, it appears that crab walks are not your favorite. Also let your dad know prayers go out to him
  • Loafer – YHC knew it was good Q when I heard the first “Oh Yeaaahh!” during the 2nd 5
  • Fuse – way to push and keep others going as well as adhering to form/rep count. Great work.
  • Appreciate everyone listening as I shared for HOPE challenge. And if anyone dealing with similar situation or ever needs someone to confide in, do not hesitate to reach out.

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