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Mistakes Have Been Made (Part 2)

Everyone who showed up for Chiseled

This morning we had 16 men show up to get hot, sweaty, and too sore to post tomorrow. I’m proud of how hard everyone pushed themselves, even if there were grumbles here and there (But what’s a good workout without those?).

I was asked on Monday to cover for someone else who wouldn’t be able to Q, and due to time constraints couldn’t put together a fresh workout, so I just repeated what I did last time, with a slight modification here and there.

Warm it up Kris Legalized

After sharing my DICCS, we warmed up with a mosey up to Cuthbertson Rd and then back to Mount Chiseled for the following:

  • Side Straddle Hops – 20
  • Imperials Walkers – 20
  • Merkins – 20
  • Mountain Climbers – 20

Arms Race

After a nice warm up we ran back towards COT, partnered up, and grabbed a set of weights. While one partner ran, the other would do an exercise. Each of the following was done for two sets each:

  • Jabs
  • Tricep Extensions
  • Lateral Raises

Fleetwood Mac on Casette

At this point our shoulders and arms were spent, but we weren’t done yet. Over on the gravel there was a series of pain stations set up. The cadence was set by a team, where one person would run while the other did battle ropes. When they switched off, we would flip the movement at the same station. Once both team mates had ran, we would rotate to the next station. Stations were as follows:

  • A Side
    • Bicep Curls
    • Kettlebell swings
    • War Hammer
    • Tire Flip
    • Slam Ball
    • Man Makers
  • B Side
    • Dumbbell Deadlift
    • Gobblet Squat
    • J-Los
    • Tire Drag
    • Slam Ball Throw
    • Man Makers


Happy I could help out by filling in today, even though I’m still recovering from my week away. Chiseled is such a great workout in the middle of the week, as it breaks up the Bootcamp style workouts on most other days. It definitely adds different dynamics and challenges to our fitness. Super thankful for folks like Fuse Box, Banjo, and Rudy for running this location as it requires – in my opinion – a lot more time to plan, set up, and tear down each week.

If you haven’t made it to Chiseled in a while (Or ever), you should really give it a shot.


  • September 25 – The Forge starts up at Five Stones Church, immediately following Chiseled. A Bible study on the life of Jesus.
  • September 28 – Speed for Need event in Ballantyne for the Isabella Santos Foundation
  • Trying to get a Speed for Need event going for the Hope Builders Levine Children’s Hospital Fund Raiser. See Fuse Box with questions.
  • This September we are doing a Hope Challenge, trying to get men to step up and share stories of struggles they’ve had or are having. If you haven’t shared yet and would like to, feel free to share at the next workout!

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