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Streak is Alive!

The Thang

DICCS given, let’s mosey …

Warmed up with nice down Keith Jong hill stroll to the vet’s parking lot for some loosening up. IPC yesterday and my A** hurts, I needed the stretch more than the PAX. SSH, Mountain Climbers, Merkins … and were off!

Back up Keith Jong Hill, fun when you start, everyone is chatting it up, half way up and your like, dang … and then that last section really kicks up the incline and sucks every last ounce of air out of your body. Somehow that’s got to be tied to VO2max, or whatever that means. Regardless, its a gasser! I thought I’d circle back when I got close to the top and pick up the 6th, but all PAX pretty much right there, awesome work for 5:40 in the freaking morning:)

I knew we want to sit on our 6 after that so I figured some abs would be good. I made the mistake of mentioning this to DW who of course helped me make it into an ab “web”. Love that guy, always pushing … of course I’m in. Choosing to take the hard route is what these mornings should be all about, right? Why else get up? I believe we all want to get better and I believe it’s easier when we do it together and push one another. But it’s up to you to dig deep and find that desire within. The results you want do not come overnight, but push yourself everyday/consistently choosing the hard route and you will transform into the ultimate Iron Pax.

And good grief, talk about a test, I thought that “modified” triple nickel was a good challenge for all PAX. That hill was up hill both ways. 10 Bobby Hurleys on one end and 10 Mike Tyson’s on the other. I was trying to keep up with Kid Rock, geesh that dude is a freak. And I never could escape the shadows from Deadwood’s 10,000megawatt head lamp. I always feel like there is a huge truck right behind me.

Mosey to the school to find a wall for a couple sets of wall-sits, step-ups and dips. Lots of mumble chatter about PAX distance from parking lot, head back early … too early. Oh well, worked out fine, we got a jail break (or two?) and some last minute ab work and merkins and heels-to-heaven.


Thanks for all the PAX who contributed this morning and kept me straight on my cadence:) I heard we got in over 3 miles too!

And I know I won’t catch all the PAX that deserve credit for their extreme effort in the morning gloom, but while I was killing myself, I have a few flash back memories of guys who are clearly working to get better. I tip my hat to: Kid Rock, Deadwood, Easy Button, Posse, Damascus (FLYING!), Dasher (dude is always pushing himself), Carb Load, Deflated, Rudy and Doughboy. I know – I know … I missed some of you other guys that worked just as hard, sorry, probably couldn’t see for the sweat in my eyeballs:)

I also seen a lot of guys that were new to me, I really look forward to our next second F opportunity to get to know you better and see what you look like in the daylight:)

Thanks for taking us out Damascus, even if it was in the middle of the road … my bad:)


Speed for Need – Susan Komen – Heathers Hero’s, see Damascus for details

Kid Rock leading new Saturday morning AO coming in October, like Black Diamond (hard like IPC). Will be monthly event. Kid Rock said it would be difficult, WHAT THE HECK DOES THAT MEAN FOR THE REST OF US? I got a name for it … MISSION IMPOSSIBLE. More to come…

Oh yeah, BIG SATURDAY for those in IPC. Final week 4, GO GET IT!!!!

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