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The Watermelon Crawl

8 made it out to a record breaking session at the Monthly Amrap at Impromptu. Aside from holding the Guinness Book Record for being the the best site , Impromptu set another record today; “Pax that travel the furthest” to be part of this special event – “88” Matt Rayburn covered 2,676 miles on his journey from Rocklin, Ca to Cuthbertson Middle School.

To quote “88” directly: “I’ve heard about the Monthly Amrap at Impromptu for a few year’s now. It has always been on my bucket list, heck it’s at the top, just ahead of visiting the James Polk House in Pineville. So me and the M, we’ve been saving up for the past few years; often times only buying 1 roll of toilet paper per month to cut expenses. I’m not going to lie; it was a struggle; especially during the weeks when we ate just black beans and hamburger helper”.

“But it was worth it – when I pulled into the parking lot I felt a chill run down my spine. Then “hooch” led us to the course and took us on the course loop – a tear came to my eye.” But it only got better”

“The course was laid out perfectly, a mix of Mike Tysons, Derkins, Step-ups, Dips, a Rock Carry, Bear Crawls followed by Bobby Hurley’s and a Burpee lap counter.”

“The starters pistol went off- Boom – we all raced to the first station and from then on it was just pure adrenaline kicking in. I was cruising for the first 2 laps, but I felt the gas tank running low, I think I started too fast – I was in trouble”

“When I thought I couldn’t go on any further- I heard some sweet music off in the distance. I started to run faster, the music was drawing me in and as I approached the step-up station it came through clear as a bell – “Watermelon Crawl by Tracy Byrd”

” Well if you’re ever down in Georgia round about July
If you ain’t in a hurry then you oughta stop by
I can guarantee that you’re gonna have a ball
Learning how to do the watermelon crawl “

” Well we got a hundred gallons of sweet red wine
Made from the biggest watermelons on the vine
Help yourself to some but obey the law
If you drink don’t drive do the watermelon crawl”

“Do the watermelon crawl
Have fun you all
Do the watermelon crawl”

“Needless to say, hearing Tracy Byrd was music to my ears and all that I needed to dig down deep and burn through the rest of the course”

Any final words Matt?

“It’s a day I’ll never forget – Thank You F3Waxhaw!!! Dreams do come true!!! -Matt Ryburn “88”

Aside from “88” everyone gave a tremendous effort. Bottlecap and Hooch were pacing and even added in a Danny Hurley to the mix. (Danny, the younger brother to the legend Bobby, was a lefty and really never played defense). Akbar was the silent assassin today – he was stalking BC and Hooch and closing in. Chainsaw, who I might add had picture perfect form on the BH’s – I know there’s a peach basket hung above your garage. Legalized was pushing hard and determined as all get up – Is he preparing for a Spartan, Bone Frog>>>>

But the MVP of the day has to go to Posse for the music selection!!!! Thank you for introducing us all to the “Watermelon Crawl”

As your Proctor today – I pulled off a Blutarsky 0.0 laps and reps. Hey that’s a great name for a gear workout that does 0.0 mileage.

Announcements: There is a race SFN for the next 3 weekends. We need some SFN’s for the Isabella Santos this Saturday – Koman is covered – but everyone is encouraged to show and support the event. I forgot the one in three weeks – see Posse or SFN captain – Rubbermaid.

F3Waxhaw is active and growing- there are a ton of workouts for you to push and test yourself. Honored to be among this group – remember the workouts are the hook; but it’s the bond that we share as men that is the glue. So true for this group!!!

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