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“Why Are We Even Doing This…” – Jerry Seinfeld S3, E17

Just beautiful to see Posse this morning show support for my 29th Q! He has always been a big fan of my counting and my workouts so it’s only a matter time before he gets my named tattooed on him inside of a really muscle-y looking heart. Brings a tear to my eye just thinking about it…

Yesterday I was pondering if I could find the strength to post though the pain to just do some chores around the house, none the less post at an actual workout. Yet again the joke was on me because I stupidly signed up to Q Asylum. I don’t blame the site for my pain and solely the boys in Greenville, SC for the ever awful IronPax Challenge. So glad it’s over!

Any who, DiCCs given….let’s sorely get it!


Mosey around Petsmart

4 Corners IC, @ the center 25 x LBCs

1. SSHs x 25 CC

2. Imp Walker x 25 IC

3. Merkins x 25 CC

4. Squats x 25 CC

Mosey around Petsmart, stop at Hickory Tavern

• Short Lap, 19 Derkins CC

• Long Lap, 30 Dips CC

• Short Lap, 19 Incline Pushups CC

• Long Lap, 30 Heels to Heaven

Mosey down by Weddington Rd, run up past Chick-fil-A & to the traffic circle. 10 burpees a minute for 2 minutes.

Mosey Back behind Gas Station, around CVS and BB&T. Split into even groups. Round 1: Bunny Hop is the timer. Round 2: Toe taps is the timer

1. 6” Plank IC

2. Bobby Hurley’s IC

3. Mountain Climbers IC

4. Dry Docks CC

Mosey to Side Lot by Rack Room. Find some wall. 20 of everything IC:

1. Air Presses IC w/ toe lifts

2. Jabs IC w/ heel lifts

3. Donkey Kicks CC: 20 w/ 10 sec hold, repeat 10 w/ another 10 sec hold.

Bear Crawl Between Target’s Balls. Audible due to fear of scaring Target employees.

Mosey to Brooklyn Pizza for Random Webb. 5 BB Situps CC. 10 American hammer IC. 5 diamond Merkins. Rinse and repeat for 2 more rounds but with wide armed Merkins and last round with both diamond and WA Merks. Complete.


So what does my title for this BB even mean? Click this link:

Classic Jerry Seinfeld but he’s right. Some of us are posting each morning to avoid being fat bastards and some are just posting to help get themselves out of bed each morning so they feel like they are contributing to society in some way. Which is maybe the same things. Regardless of the reason it’s great to set some big, hairy and audacious goals! Weight loss, calorie intake or number of days a week you post are all great goals in the beginning. You either achieve those goals or don’t, pretty simple and private goals for most. Do they work? Who’s holding you accountable? Are you circling the wagons week over week letting yourself down?

What if you teamed of up with a like framed pal and set a collective team goal for a 5k, the Vagabond or a Spartan Race? This isn’t something you have to do but public accountability is a very simple, yet aggressive motivation tool. Some friendly competition doesn’t hurt either! Because what are we all doing this for anyways but then to better ourselves?

Push harder, dig deeper and reap new rewards. It’s not too late to sign up for this weekend’s Susan G. Komen 5k with Speed for Need! The Vagabond is on Nov 9th, it’s time to get some new mileage goals hitting the Carolina Thread trail running Wednesday mornings! Another Spartan Race in Spartanburg, SC on Nov 23 so you might as well sign up for the F3 Waxhaw Challenge Channel as we ramp up to start a pull-up/push-up challenge tomorrow!! Click here to join:

The IronPax Challenge has passed for now but the battle we push through every morning is still ever present. Let’s go!

Thanks to Transporter for sharing his story for the Hope Challenge and thanks to Damascus for taking us out.


  • Susan G Komen 5k this Saturday! Talk to Rubbermaid or Damascus for more info
  • Today ends the official Hope Challenge and thanks to Swimmers for taking the lead here. A few men stepped up and shared their story of struggle and growth. The fight never stops and no one is alone, if you need something – say something. If you see a brother struggling, speak up yourself or grab a brother you trust to help.
  • Christ’s Closet needs help! Two opportunities:
    Dana will be asking people to volunteer sometime at the donation house to help sort all the clothes we collected at Launchvergence. They were there this weekend and need way more bodies to help! Stay tuned…
    Shop Dawg and Team have a big event in West Charlotte on Nov 9th. More details to come but those looking to pass on the Vagabond, this is 2.0 friendly and a great way to spend a Saturday!
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