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Sadism and Masochism

Why this title? For a gear workout none the less? Because today we felt the burn and enjoyed it (Enter joke here).

11 guys got scared off from a second Hollywood Q this week. thought they needed to get a little extra tone just in case their wives decided not to fake a head ache tonight. decided they needed to get pumped up heading into the weekend.

Yesterday as I sat at the ball field waiting for my daughters baseball game to start, I checked who was on Q. I had planned to do Impromtu to get a little extra running in, then I saw Hollywood was on Q. Normally that wouldn’t scare me off; however, I had already taken his Q Tuesday at Watchtower and I’ve got a 5K tomorrow where I will be pushing 100 lbs of kids in a stroller uphill half the way…. Perhaps a day off from running wasn’t a bad idea. Ok, who’s on at Diesel….nobody. Text Brutus to see if he needs me to lead….Yup. Ok, lets do this. Baseball game over. Back home for quick dinner and NC State game. Syracuse down year, should be over by half time (Nope), too invested in the game to plan a workout….looks like I will have to wing it tomorrow. Throw a bunch of heavy weights in the car and start planning as I head to Five Stones.


With 35 lb Coupons.

20 Atomic Merkins on Coupon

20 Peter Parker Merkins on Coupon

20 Jump Squats on Coupon

THE THANG (all exercises performed in a circle with rotation in between sets)

CHEST (rotated through about 10 stations):

Chest Press using some form of weight (Coupons, 30 lbs dumbells, 25 lb dumbells, 27 lb bars, 35 lb keddle bell)

Mountain Climbers on Coupon.

Continue for about 6 rounds before I changed things up. Added a horizontal overhead pull over. Added fly’s with 10 lb dumbells. Continue with chest press with rest of weights and Mountain Climbers.

Biceps (rotated through about 10 stations):

Three 27 lbs bars spaced out in group. 30’s with 10 bottom half curls, 10 top half curls, and 10 full curls. This was the timer. Several commented that bars were heavier than they looked.

25 lb dumbell curls

30 lb hammer curls

35 lb hammer curls

Coupon Curls

No cardio this round.

TRICEPS (rotated through about 10 stations.

Overhead Extensions with heavier weights

Skull Crushers with Bars (timer for 20)

Bent Over Tricep Extensions with 10 lb dumbells.


Military Press with 25 lb dumbells, single 30 lb dumbells, and 35 lb keddle.

Front Side raise with 10 lbs dumbells

Coupons were rows and timer for 20 reps.

1/3 way through I changed 35 lb dumbell to upright row and 10 lb dumbells to “sunshine raises”. Last 1/3 way through I changed 30 lb dumbells to upright row and dumbells to revers flys.

4 minutes left…what to do. Rotate between Jump squats on coupon and Dry docks. Rep count varied based on how much I was hurting (starting with 20 jump squats hurt a lot).

1 Minute left……Gas Pumpers.


Brutus was extra chatty today (wife must have not had a headache last night). We learned he touches deadwood every morning which I think was a joke/reference his morning “activity” and not about touching the actual pax deadwood. We were all as grossed out as you are currently reading about it. That plus Brutus’ proclamation in a very loud porno type groan that he loves to feel the burn sparked the tittle for today’s back blast. Good work today Brutus.

Big Ten rolled in about 10 minutes late – fairly quiet and inconspicuously vs his normal entrance. Something about Hollywood yelling at him at Impromptu so he decided to join us. OK……. If there is one thing I know about Hollywood….he doesn’t yell. Calmest most even keel guy I’ve met. I’m sure there is more to that story. Either way, it was good having Big Ten out there with us. I especially enjoyed watching the pain in his eyes during curls. (Is that the S or the M coming out in me? I don’t know what each one specifically refers to).

Jump Squats on the Coupons is always a favorite of mine. Its spikes my heart rate almost as high as the hill runs at the floater. Hoping more pax start to incorporate those into workouts as a form or cardio that isn’t running. Catfish almost ate it on the first round of these. Good recovery.

I had originally intended to keep a good balance of cardio and weights today, but the cardio kind of dropped off after the chest round. That’s what I get for trying to do something on the fly.

Thanks to Foundation who let me borrow his boom box. He said he had it in the car from a work party. When I turned it on, I could barely hear anyone so that must have been one hell of a work party last night – though he showed up today so maybe not.

Lots of good chatter out there today. Too much to remember or put in the backblast. I do like the fact that the close proximity of folks at Diesel allows for a little more mumble chatter. I’ve heard some gold nuggets the two times I’ve gone.

Should be lots of sore muscles tomorrow and Sunday. Thanks for allowing me to lead on such short notice and with lack of plan. Everyone jumped right in without much slow down for explanations.


Lots of talk about how great Posse’s Chiseled Backblast was. High Hat asked that Q’s clue pax in before or during the workout so we can experience the Q with them vs learning about it after the fact. I tend to agree, but understand that its easier to share it in the back blast.

Let them Soar Speed for Need still looking for runners tomorrow (I think?). Get with Gypsy or Rubbermaid ASAP if you want to run.

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