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Sometimes we doubted; sometimes we were confused, but we helped each other and keep going forward. Because of Faith.

It was raining. I cannot see the box’s lock number. I first time felt my eyes were so bad. Glidah and Mayhem showed up to help me. Big 10 arrived early to help me set up. Fuse Box is out of the town, he plans to find some people to help me. It was cool, but that keeps me warm.

The most successful part of my plan is 20 seconds Mosey warm up. It did not break Big10’s record. The worst part is in the end when I sat down on the group. Nobody follows me, including Mayhem. He always said I am his good friend. My heart is hurt. But they are right, it was wet and cool.  It is not necessary to get wet in the last 2 minutes.  Sorry, my bad.

I am so happy, all Pax looks like understanding my Waxhaw-Texas-Chinese style English very well.  There are many exercises need to explain. I knew Pax was confused. When Highhat did ‘Band Side Pull’ and said “If I keep the center and then pull, I felt different”. You did right!!! When Carb Load  did “Stop Talking” and said the dump ball should be light. You are right!!! It is very hard to exercise. The timer “King Walk” with Band is targeted Gluteal muscle. Did you felt it?  Loafer did it very professionally. “Whale Tail”, “Imperial Plank”….. Modified it.

Dougboy is a good partner. Turnbuckle did a great job, he did his best. His smile is a charm.

Thank you all support. Two years ago, in the Christmas season, my older brother took his life by himself. If he had F3, then things maybe been changed. He said to me “It is good You have Faith” and “Workout can make me happy. But I cannot do it anymore.”. He was a good judge in his city. I am lucky. We are lucky.

Warm up

Let’s Mosey! We just did a 20 second Mosey and then circle up. All Pax likes it. This is the most only successful thing this morning.


10-Imperial Walkers  (Dougboy corrected my English. I cannot remember what I said)

  5-Potato Picker

Merkins * 10  IC

10-Calf Stretch 10 seconds.

6- Power Squat  (Ricky Bobby did it great.)

The thang:

Merkins over there. Merkins????  Sorry, it should be Mosey. But everybody Mosey over there. Good English understanding.

1.       Flap tire;

2.       Merkins + whale tail;

3.       Shoulder Press  + Front Squat

4.       Band Slide Pull

5.       Stop talking + Jump

6.       Imperial Plank + Mountain Climber

Some modified option on the back ( I did not say that).

Timer: King walking.

Circle up: Sat down Balance exercise.



1.       September 5-12, 2020.  Mayhem will co-lead a mission trip to Nicaragua to work on the kitchen at elementary school.  Friends, family, and strangers are welcome.

2.       Every Sunday morning OPEN DOOR BIBLE STUDY. 7:00-8:00 FIVE STONE office second floor.

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