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Too Many Carbs

This was my third Q in less than a week and I have to say I have great respect for Zinfindel who led not 3 but 6 workouts in the same amount of time. And in a ridiculous costume every day no less. My hat’s off to you brother but I will kindly say no thank you after this experience. So unless anyone objects, (and I doubt anyone will), I will be taking the rest of the year off and the Carb Loading can end…

DiCCS – Delivered

Warmorama – Quick mosey around COT Lot, IW X 9 IC, Merkin X 9 IC, Calf Stretch L/R, Downward/Upward Dog, Let’s Mosey

The Thang – Grab a lifting/carrying Rock from down the hill in back of MS.

On the sidewalk we did

25 Curls, 25 Walking Lunges, 25 Squats, 25 Walking Lunges back.

25 Shoulder Presses, 25 WL’s (This time w/out the rocks, 25 Jump Squats and 25 WL’s back

25 Curls, 25 WL, 25 Plank Jacks, 25 WL

25 Curls, 25 Shoulder Presses R/R then return rocks to original resting place. Next!

Mosey to Rudy’s Road House and Merkin Mile. 20 at start, 20 after each qtr mile. end at Rudy’s Road House and on your six for Captain Therkin, 1:4 BBSU and AH’s with 5 Merkins in between each set.

Grab some wall and do two sets each of 100 air presses and 100 jabs.

Mosey to COT and do 1 X Burpee at each Light. Time!

It was my pleasure to lead this morning and I hope all he PAX got what they needed and not necessarily what they came for. Man my legs are smoked!


For those who brought toys to the holiday party or at some other time, or donated money, our 3rd F sub-committee has given 39 toys and $375 over to Ray of Hope in Waxhaw just in time for their Christmas party where they will distribute to those in need. 3rd F Subcommittee will be meeting this Thursday to discuss more opportunities for F3 Waxhaw to lead community outreach events.

Ignition PAX had a “Don’t crap on my lawn” moment with a nearby neighbor. Lesson: Stay away from the log cabins on Cuthbertson Rd. Enough has been posted on GM that I won’t go into it anymore here.

Christmas Eve – Convergence at Watchtower. No Bushwood that day.

New Year’s Eve – Convergence at Bushwood. No Watchtower that day..

  Mad Dog took us out 

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