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PGA Champions Tour stop at Bushwood CC

Had the opportunity to Q at Bushwood and was a little nervous I must say.  Where is the valet and how much do you tip at the bag drop?  Golf attire, collard shirt, socks or no socks – lots to think about.  I took out a cart for a quick run of the course to get my bearings (how much do you tip the Cart Guy?).  17 men showed up on a near perfect day to play 18.  While I didn’t think this would be Junior Tour event -I was surprised that this was a Champions Tour Event – 17 Pax – Average Age of 46

(FYI – need to get Dobber? added into the system)

Disclaimer, Cell, CPR, Safety

Warm up: Typical: SSH, LSS, Merkin and Mountain Climber


Mosey to one of the the lower income neighborhoods in marvin:

  • To first circle for 10/15/20 of two exercises (Knee slaps & Big Boy Sit ups) – back to intersection and repeat with Merkins & Mountain Climbers
  • To speed bump for 10/15/20 second dose – Bobby Hurley’s and American Hammers

Mosey through path to parking lot for some basketball conditioning:

Line touches.  Sideline to Sideline.  Partner up. Go sideline to sideline in 1 minute for x number of line touches.  Combine # you didn’t get to for Burpee penalty.

  • 15’s, 14, 13, 12,11,10 —- a good lung burner.

This is an old pre-season basketball conditioning drill that might have been performed in the 80’s.  Garbage cans would be placed at each end of the court. We could have used the cans today – Hats off to Dobber with the first Merlot spill of 2020.

Asked the park ranger to help speed play and get us in front of  the foursome that was goofing off— headed to wall.

  • 64 airpresses/32 Donkey Kicks/16 Bobby Hurley’s/8 Wall Merkins/4 Jump lunge/2 Burpees
  • 3 minute AMRAP thrasher to finish: complete this cycle for 3 minutes: Broad Jump> 5 Merkins>10 Jump Lunges> 20 SSH


COT/Announcements: Toothbrushes/Paste/Soap – needed for Ray of Hope bring to Dana and others.  Christ Closet Folding for this Saturday 8AM AkBars Church on Newton/Cuthby. 2.0 friendly

Lots of Respect’s and those in the forty something bracket – average Age of 46… Very Impressive.  I don’t know of a place – gym, ymca, or neighborhood club (not to be named) that would give this type of effort in the gloom on a consistent basis.  We are truly blessed to be surrounded by outstanding men, who are supportive and in it together and who also don’t forget to laugh and bust BALLS.  Besides the workouts we have some lifestyle habits some are trying to improve on: Dryuary still going strong and Weight Loss Challenge along with some goal setting to give a path for improvement in 2020.

Keep it up – Playhouse is open for business.  *Disclaimer on the Playhouse*** Must be Unoffendable to join – must be willing to get your feelings hurt once in a while – can’t suffer from BUTTHURT

FYI – need to get Dobber? added into the system

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