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Let me introduce you to my little friend named AMRAP

Jumped in to Q and wasn’t sure what to plan as we’re seeing a lot of new faces this time of year!!! which is fantastic.  What better way to show the newer folks what Impromtu’s monthly AMRAP  was all about. Not wanting to go full 30 minutes I sliced it down to 15 minutes or  2 full laps and upped the counts to 20 – which is a burner for the tysons.

With that in mind some of the AMRAP regulars showed up –  This would be good- as we didn’t have a chance to do a proper course tour.  Would rely on folks taking the lead from those in front. –


DCCS (Disclaimer, Cell, CPR, Safety) – all covered

Warm up – lap to middle school and back (SSH,Doogan,Merkin, LSS)


Head to light pole- path for Paula Abduls – 2 light poles forward (20 mountain climbers) 1 back (10 jump squat)…all the way to Rudy’s Poop Palace

Grab wall, air press while waiting>>>> 15 Donkey kicks on your own.

Head to Amrap course – thought an abbreviated AMRAP would be good as there were a lot of folks that have not enjoyed the course.  Goal was for everyone to complete 2 full laps.

-20 Yes that’s right – Tyson’s

-20 Derkins

-20 Step ups

-20 Dips

-side shuffle around the cirlce

-10 Bobby Hurley’s

-bear crawl to light pole

It was good to get back on the course and see everyone pushing it for the 2 laps. I like the idea of doing this in some form or fashion so that each Pax can measure themselves and look to improve.  Look for variations of this in the future. We won’t call it Amrap as the new feature at Impromtu will be the “Amazing Race Series” (last Friday of the month)

It’s also great to use when you don’t have full weinke –

Some first timers to the course (I think) – Wrigley, Merlot, Flip Flop, Slow Pitch—- great work!!!!

Mosey back to middle school stop for 20 merkins in cadence/ 20 derkins once at ms benches

COT with Swarm


Christ Closet Folding Party – Saturday 8AM Union United Method Church (newtown/cuthby)  2.0 friendly.

Ray of Hope – Great start per Lou and Dana- lots of toothpaste/brushes -will be dropped off today.  This is a local group serving right here in our community – we can have an impact.   Look for things that are not covered under assistance program – non food items, such as Hygiene items, cosmetics & vitamins.  More to come on 2nd collection specific needs.

Lots of options for Saturday workouts: Gladiator (speed walking/light stretching), Commitment and Homecoming.

We are off to a great start in 2020 -Attendance is up across the board, FNG #’s are up!!!!!  Let’s keep the momentum going and try to avoid the Jan 22nd cliff.  Previous thinking was that it takes 21 days for someone to form a habit; newer findings suggest that it’s closer to 66 days.  What this means is that we need to encourage all the new FNG’s on a regular basis until mid March.

We also have a lot of personal challenges- Dryuary, Weight Loss and the goal list (see posse for xls)

Encourage each other  and above all – have fun at the workouts –

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