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Dryuary? Not today folks…

Adjusting on the fly is not my strong suit. Due to chance of Thunderstorms rolling in we had to make a change of venue at the last minute but I think it worked out ok. 6 brave souls joined me today for a rainy Monday. 


Mosey around front drive to stadium parking lot for: plank up for 15 X Merkins IC, 10 X Mountain Climbers IC, Calf Stretch L & R, Upward Dog/Downward Dog & Done.

The Thang

4 Corners Elevator around entire parking lot:

1st lap 8 X Burpees X 4

2nd lap 12 X Jump Squat X 4

3rd lap 16 X Merkin X 4

4th lap 20 X Walking Lunges (10 each leg) X 4

5th lap 20 X LBC X 4

6th lap 16 X Reverse Plank Knee ups (8 each knee) X 4

7th lap 12 X Dry Docks X 4

8th lap 8 X Superman X 4

Mosey back to COT and do 4 Burpees at each light pole on the right side of sidewalk between Rudy’s Poop Palace and COT.


5 miles completed, a bunch of exercises to make us stronger and 900+ calories burned.

Always great to lead leaders. I hope everyone who posted today got what they were looking for in an ignition workout.  Those 15 extra minutes can be brutal but somehow we made it through and we’re better for it.  Way to push fellas!

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