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Starfish @ Couples Retreat

28 strong for an invigorating morning with temps finally back down to allow for the stallions to run free today in their winter coats.  Lots of activities this weekend, so I wanted a workout that wouldn’t pile up the miles.  Also had Foundation  to take part of this substi-Q – with the added benefit of the traveling sub woofer for music entertainment.

Extended DCCmS (Disclaimer, Cell Phone, CPR, modify(if you must), and Safety)

Warmup – Mosey to front of the Middle School for SSH/Merkins/LSS/MC all with Excellent Cadence

The Thang –

Head to High School grab a bench for 5/10/15/20 – group of three exercise merkin or derkin/dips/step ups

Head to High School Parking lot for Starfish with 4 corners  10 reps at each (big boi sit up/tyson/speed skaters/bobby hurleys) – each time that you return to the center/Speaker 1 burpee and increase +1 each time.

3 Total Rounds – worked out like this

  1.  Round one -10 Total Burpees
  2. Round two – 26 Total Burpees
  3. Round three- 42 Total Burpee

This took longer than expected – not too much mumble chatter

Hand over to Foundation and speaker mosey to the benches behind the cafe.  3 rounds of:

20 dips on bench by grass – head to cafe benches for 10 jump ups – on return around island: bearcrawl/duck walk and Crab walk.

Mosey back to COT with Speaker

Lots of great work today;

Some regulars putting in a good effort: Fuse/Rudy/Boitano/legalized/Damascus/Banjo/Trojan/Foundation/Xerox/Akbar/Mad Dog/Frack/OneStar/Gliday and fiji looks to becoming a regular/Xerox sporting some new F3Gear/Cobbler/Frack looks like he is regaining 2017/18 form and posting.  Lots of regulars looking to improve some aspect of their 1st F.  It doesn’t have to happen every workout – but look to push yourself on a portion or an entire workout to make progress.

Awesome to see the newest Pax continue to post: Merlot/Slow Pitch/Big Ben/Floppy Disk/Bounce and Wrigley – you guys are crushing it – keep posting and seeing the results – looking to get to know each of you better in 2020.

Kotters – Welcome Back – CatFish/Loafer 2x this week?/

and The Couples Retreat  ABE Yoga Class – Zin/DeadWood/Dasher – form was so good I had to look away during the Downward Dog portion – but apparently that excited one of the PDS boys.

Lots of great work being done at the workouts at the dinner table in the first few weeks of 2020.  Keep it up – look now to add in the Service aspect to serve others.

COTS – Pray request: My M-inLaw and OneStars Grandma in the hospital.

Big Weekend – The Gremlin – ALL PAX need to do this at least ONCE – it will break you physically and emotionally.  Trail Race at Whitewater Center/homecoming and Commitment/

2nd F in 90 minutes Improper Pig



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