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Go Dawgs

College visit to Univ of Georgia in Athens – looked up F3 ATL and saw that they had started one in Athens – Cool.

Head to Intramural fields – Flag out. 3 Brothers – Stroke Seat (a rower), Wham-O (plays frisbee) and Frenchie.  Can you believe 3 college dudes would get up at 5am during the week.  Stroke Seat did an internship in Greenville and one of his co-workers took him out and he got hooked on F3.  He came back to Athens and decided to start it up;  I believe Frenchi and Wham-o’s dad’s are F3 out of Atlanta.

Disclaimer – well done, warm up (some windmills aka Abe Bagoda’s, SSH, LSW).  Did some partner work 50 Burpees, 100 Bonnie Blairs, 150 Squats – run across field.

Ran around the exterior for various pushup clock and graduated step ups.  Hit the parking deck for some ab and stair work

I introduced them to Jack Webb (standard – merkin and air press) and the Bobby Hurley – CAN YOU BELIEVE a FEW of THESE GUYS DID NOT KNOW WHO HE WAS!!!!!

Anyhow these guys are juniors – 2 are finance majors – so good chance they could end up in Charlotte after graduation.

COT – out

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