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Opposites Attract

Staring into three (3) Q’s this week I needed to dig way deep into the 8o’s archives to satisfy the Pax.  So without any cassette tapes, 45’s or the Sony Walkman I had to rely on some new-age Bluetooth speaker… seems way out there – who would have ever thought you could hear music on a speaker that doesn’t have a cord.

23 Pax were waiting for the DCCS (Living on a Pray – Bon Jovi). Disclaimer, cell phone, CPR – Saftey – we’ll be on campus but watch for cars entering the lot.

Warm up – Mosey to Basketball Court – SSH/PlankJax/LSS/Hurleys OYO

I’ve Q’d Watchtower a few times, but not an expert on the lay of the land so I decided to stay focused on the sparking lot and long stretch out front.


Paula Abdul’s in the parking spaces – 2 forward/1back.  start with 10 BH’s/lunge walk two spaces and do 1 Big Boi Sit up/ Crab Walk back 1…9 BH’s….lunge..2 Big Boi sit ups.

Burpee Mile – 2 burpees at each corner of the large rectangle in front of the school.  Each lap = .36

Paul Abdul’s in the parking spaces – this time start with 10 Mike Tysons – duck walk- 1 speed skater – bear crawl back

Bobby Hurley ladder – finish for 5 minutes – curb to curb increasing BH’s by 1.  Most did 10+ touches so over 55 total BH’s

Mosey back to Flag

REVERSE NAME-O-RAMA.  Let’s not get stale – sometimes you need to switch it up.

It was hard to engage with each of you today as we didn’t do partner work – and most times I’m talking with the Donkeys or  Clyesdales as that’s where I fall on the run portion.

But I truly appreciate each and every one of you.  Everyone came to work hard today -some faces I haven’t seen in a bit – Chipotle/Big Tuna/ Tupperware- good to see you in the gloom.

Positive Energy Men – We have DryUary ending this week, Weight loss challenge continues and those doing goal setting are looking at a plan to improve themselves in 2020.

Announcements- Q school and site School coming up in consecutive Saturdays – Professor Posse has the details.

COT – Prayers for Damascus as he cares for the M who had pretty severe leg fracture and is recovering from surgery.  Prayers up for Legalized and his family as they head to Philly(?) for an update on his son and potential treatments.



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