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Do You Believe in Miracles? YES!

Today is a reminder that F3 is about much more than a Workout. One of our brothers, Doc McStuffins, is undergoing (at the time of this posting, has already undergone) major surgery to replace a heart valve that has caused him to change the life as he knew it. Not every one of the 19 Pax who posted at Dromedary today has had the pleasure of knowing, posting with, or calling Doc a friend, but we all still rally to support our F3 brothers no matter what the circumstance.  The least we could do today was to show up, work hard, push ourselves and each other, and thank God for the fact that we “get” to do this every day.  Here we go:

DiCCs info given. Playlist and speaker always ready to go. Time to mosey around the MRHS lot.  We stopped at the 4 corners for a warmup exercise while YHC pointed out some nice words written in sidewalk chalk. More to come on that.  Mosey past some pre-stacked coupons, around the entire lot, and back to the top of the lot.

The Thang:

Time for Four Corners/Starfish, with one of the following exercises written in a corner:

  • LBC’s x (20) + (3) Burpees back in the middle
  • Jump Squats x (20) + (3) Burpees back in the middle
  • Merkin Shredders x (20) + (3) Burpees back in the middle (these were brutal!)
  • Speed Skaters (1=1) x (20) + (3) Burpees back in the middle


Mosey to the side driveway where each Pax completes (20) Plank Jacks (CC) at each light, around the Globe, except for the last (3) lights where we audibled to (20) 6” Plank Jacks (CC).  All-in, there were (6) total lights.  Done!

At the Globe, the Pax would complete ¼ lap around the globe broken up into:

  1. Lunge Walk
  2. Hop on Right Leg
  3. Hop on Left Leg
  4. Lunge Walk


Everyone plank, then 6” Plank, ½ way down, etc.


Mosey to the alcove of the school, partner up, and complete the following, 2 times/Pax:

  • P1 LBC’s / P2 Run to next alcove, complete (10) Donkey Kicks, run back to P1
  • P1 Heels-to-Heaven / P2 Run to next alcove, complete (10) Donkey Kicks, run back to P1
  • P1 Flutter / P2 Run to next alcove, complete (10) Donkey Kicks, run back to P1


Mosey quickly back to the parking lot to enjoy those fine coupons/cinder blocks.  Same Partner for:

  • P1 Bicep Curls / P2 Run to, and touch, the speed bump and back
  • P1 Overhead Press / P2 Run to, and touch, the speed bump and back
  • P1 Man Makers / P2 Run to, and touch, the speed bump and back

5-minute warning according to YHC’s watch.  Grab coupons and deliver back to COT (load in my car!) for last few minutes of Mary.  Around the circle where we did something like this:

  • H2H
  • LBC
  • Protractor
  • Throw in some Dry Docks (Premature must have thought these were part of Mary!!!)




As always, it’s a pleasure and an awesome responsibility to lead the Pax, especially at an AO near and dear to my heart at Dromedary.  It’s a great campus, very safe (other than a school bus once in a while), and there is a lot of room to roam. We stayed relatively close to the lot today but we still got to focus on and work the 3 areas that make for a solid F3 Bootcamp Workout…SPEED, STRENGTH, and CORE!

When I say everyone worked hard today, that’s no joke! There really wasn’t much circling back or waiting on the Pax today.  A true sign that we are ALL getting stronger and faster, and the type of workout we did today gave everyone a chance to transition quickly and keep moving.

We have a great group of guys at F3 Waxhaw, to include our brothers from SOB, Union County, Indian Land.  We know at times of need we are there for each other.  Like Transporter said today when talking about Doc as a Leader, Man, Friend… it’s not a matter of IF you come to a time of need…it’s a matter of WHEN.  These are the times when being part of F3 matters the most. We are not created by God to do life on our own, or to not compete and fight, not challenge ourselves, not hold each other accountable as men, and not support each other when times get tough.  We are truly blessed to be a part of F3.


We received some updates tonight from Doc’s wife that his Heart Surgery was a success today, and he will soon be better than ever! That is a Miracle in itself.  There are many miracles in Doc’s story, namely the man-made technology developed in the form of a Heart Valve, the skill of the Surgeons and Nurses who delivered a successful outcome for Doc, and the fact that he will now be able to make his Misery his Ministry after this health scare.  Miracles are everywhere if you open your hearts and minds to them.  We may not witness them today in the form of walking on water, turning water into wine, or multiplying 5 fishes and 2 loaves to feed 5,000, but they are there.

On a personal note…last week, my son’s teacher asked me to speak about the “Miracle” of my life, after my son told her my personal story of when I was born in Newark, NJ. Being born at only 4 lbs, 4 oz and 3 weeks late, the doctors told my parents I was not going to survive. The priest came in, baptized me, gave me my “last rights” as a Catholic, and everyone expected the worst.  Little did they know that God had a different plan and a Miracle in store.

Not only did I survive (1st Miracle), but I spent 4 months in the NICU.  This particular hospital in Newark, NJ, Presbyterian Hospital (which is the same name of the hospital my 3 boys were born in Charlotte!) had just opened that NICU a month before.  Maybe that’s why I was late?  Had I not been born at Presbyterian, there is no way I would have survived (2nd Miracle).

The Medical expenses for 4 months in a NICU were astronomical, and on a Fireman’s salary there is no way my parents could have paid it back. An organization called the “March of Dimes” paid the entire bill for my care (3rd Miracle).

I reminded the students that Miracles affect many generations as well.  Since I was not supposed to survive at birth, that means they never would have known their friend and classmate, Alex (F3 Flash).  That made it real to them.

Thanks for everyone’s prayers for Doc and his family, and for being the men and leaders that you are or are working to become. We are all in this together, fellas.  Iron Sharpens Iron!

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to His purpose.Romans 8:28



  • Site Q School on 2/1/20 at Cuthbertson Middle School. 630-730am Workout.  730-830am debrief/discussion at Chick Fila in Wesley Chapel. Posse and YHC on Q.
  • Q School on 2/8/20 at Cuthbertson Middle School. 630-730am Workout.  730-830am debrief/discussion at Chick Fila in Wesley Chapel. Posse and YHC on Q.
  • Sorry if I missed anything else, fellas.

YHC took us out in prayer, something we are calling “Cradle-to-Grave”. If you are on Q, you lead the workout, lead at COT, and close us out in prayer, or a quote, or motivational thought…whatever works for you. We know that public speaking and public prayer isn’t everyone’s strength, but we can all challenge ourselves and pull it off successfully if we just practice and prepare. We are here to help!

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