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Amazing Race Series

13 Total showed up for Impromptu – temps were just right at 34 – low wind and humidity.

Week two of the Amazing Race Series:  I made a minor tweak, which was to remove the required route – giving Pax the freedom to roam as they wish to the next flag.  Also numbered teams and each team must complete each station in the numerical order.  Split up into 4 teams which seemed fairly balanced.

Warm-up – Quick mosey to the front of the middle school – SSH/calf stretch/merkin/

Assign Teams:

Ricky Bobby/Wedding Singer/Floppy Disk/Recalc

Doughboy/Mad Dog/Trojan



Start/Finish – Front of Middle School – 5 Burpees each return


Start of Path – Bear Crawl 50 yds

Rudy’s Poop Palace – 50 Donkey Kicks

Lower Football Lot – 50 Coupon Overhead Press

Upper Football Lot – 25 yd HairBurner

Front of High School – 50 Bobby Hurleys

Course covers close to 3Miles with some teams covering more due to wrong turns.

We’ll be changing up the course next month, but I think the concept fosters some team building and pushing fellow Pax or getting encouragement from fellow Pax that you might not normally connect with during the open workouts.

On my team I could see floppy disk pushing his limits as he’s on the newer side (a month or so) to our group.  He worked hard – was getting encouragement from Ricky Bobby and Wedding Singer.

I’m sure this was probably true for all the other teams – when we passed in the distance I could hear the encouragement all around.

Frack can thank me for assigning his team#2 which placed him at Rudy’s Place just in time.

And the winner is:::: Mad Dog/Dougboy /Trojan  Congrats!!!! prize is in the mail.

Announcements: Site Q School this weekend — if you can do a workout you can be a site Q!!!!!  Q School next weekend –See Posse – Bottlecap will gladly clown to the school.

COT – Keep Prayers up for Doc – a few brothers in the Mash Unit: Centerfold/CarbLoad/Jingles(?)/Spike(?) and just added to the IR Deflated(?)

Let’s not have the New Year Resolution Fall Off – search out those that came to a few workouts in January and push them.  Same for all in Dryuary and WeightLoss: take these as a time to “right-size” your drinking and eating.  Everything in Moderation..

Remember to have fun at the workouts!!! Get in the BallPit of life

kb – out

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