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Table for 19 and the kids will eat for FREE!!

And for my 39th Q, I’ve expanded the menu to include fruit cups and homemade mac & cheese! I created a kids menu with random stops that did or didn’t have to do with food. My son helped color it in moments before we left the house and we were off.

Pulled up to the school. Familiar faces. Very proud to see my two project respects as I publicly share their names to complete the Octuple this week. It’s not easy task but Schneider and Recalc are two posts away from owning it.

Blades of Glory has 3 kids so all of his wouldn’t be eating for free. Read the fine print before trying to ask to speak to the manager next time.

DiCCS given. Goooooo…..


Mosey towards the middle school and circle up in front. Time to warm up and stretch these frames of ours:

• 20 x SSH

• 10 x Imperial Squaker

• Jimmy Dugan

• Calf Stretch

• Yoga Stretch

• 10 x Moroccan Night Club

Partner up, sizes don’t matter. First course is Mac & Cheese with a hot lap in between. Look at the first word of each exercise, it’s spells it. Nailed it!:

• Merkins

• Abcs with feet

• Carolina Dry Docks &

• Crawl Bear

• Hurpees (Hand Release Merkins)

• E2K (Elbow to Knee)

• E2K flip flop

• Squats

• Eleven Burpees a- TOGETHER!!

Mosey to Picnic Tables. Gladiator course for the kids across the picnic tables while the dads complete:

• 50 x Dips, run to Alcove, 20 x Donkey Kicks, run back to rinse and repeat.

Mosey to long sidewalk. Abs around the horn due to too much pizza. Everyone takes a turning calling one out and counting! 10 or 20 each…

We have arrived at Rudy’s Poo palace and we need to confirm if anyone needs to go to the bathroom. Everyone have a seat on the “toilet” aka wall.

• 25 x Air presses with heel lifts

• 25 x Jabs with Toe Lifts

• 10 x MTs in IC

• Rinse & Repeat

Let’s mosey but SAFETY FIRST!! Time for a fire drill…. everyone circle up in the grass. High knees and everyone takes turns yelling “FIRE!!”. Once yelled everyone drops down and rolls to the right, does a merkin, rolls to the left, another merkin and back up for high knees.

Mosey to COT. Some planks. Some more planks. 5 merkins. Heels to heaven. 20 x 6” plank jacks IC. Complete.


What a night!! So great to see everyone out with all the kids. No crying or whining, each putting in effort and they were all smiling ear to ear. I planned the weinke with something that moved semi fast so they wouldn’t get too bored with things like pushups.

Gerber has been bringing Speedbump out and I’m not sure what u was waiting for to snag my son. I was inspired and pinged BC to cook for this prized site. I loved every minute of it. Next time I’m bringing my 5 year old with me because he would have loved it.

It’s a fine line between a bootcamp and Dad’s bootcamp. We only got 1.79mi in but we did a lot in that time. If you did the reps and pushed it, you earned your dessert tonight. If you floated through the exercises and kept your HR to a minimum, why? In the morning I’ve heard Gerber and others say, “If I’m getting up at 430am then I’m going to bust my ass!” or something like that. Can’t say the same thing maybe about a workout at 530pm but the mentality should be all the same.

Tomorrow or Saturday or next week, gut check time. What’s holding you back? Your brain or your body? My guess is it’s your brain telling yourself to stop. Fight it. Try running to the next crack in the sidewalk and then the next one after that. Don’t stop pushing your limits. Do every last rep until you physically can’t anymore. After a while you will get faster, stronger but more importantly that voice in your head will get quieter.

A good one to try is the “no modify” week badge. This is one you don’t tell anyone about because Deflated hasn’t created a badge for yet but because it’s a personal goal. Do every rep and exercise called. Run every last lap. If you aren’t chasing after something, why are you waking up at 430am every day?

I took us out, cradle to grave. One love.


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