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TB on Q soon!!

Funny how 32-34 seemed pleasant compared to last Friday’s rain filled Diesel. 6 PAX made their way to a very high rep fast paced zero mileage challenge today.

Warm-up – What? We don’t warm up; we just get after it. Lots of stretching before in preparation. DiCCS shared, exercise form explained to limit strains and away we go.

10 Stations: (rinse and repeat until time is up)

  1. 20 Dips (using coupons to get really deep)
  2. 40 Squats (those suck)
  3. 30 Curls (coupon or 12lb dumbbells)
  4. 20 Over Head Triceps Extensions
  5. 20 Front Shoulder Raises
  6. 20 Dips Again
  7. 20 Speed Skaters – 20 Each Leg
  8. 30 Curls (20lb Dumbbells)
  9. 20 Lateral Raises (bad)
  10. 20 Reverse Fly’s (worse after doing Lat Raise)


The group almost finished 5 laps around this mess. The best part about this type of work out and group is all the interactions. I mentioned that the speed skaters make my ass hurt and away we went. Turns out that Offline (R) is crazy funny when he finally speaks. I can’t remember if he said prison rape or if that is what I assumed he said, either way, we were laughing and a bit nervous after.

I’m confident everyone got a great pump from all the work. Some great stories on how TB is staying after it. Great job, we’re all proud of you. O-69 continues to get after it, keep it up.


Site Q School this weekend — if you can do a workout you can be a site Q!!!!!  Q School next weekend –See Posse – Bottlecap will gladly clown to the school.

COT – Keep Prayers up for Doc and Legalized’s son.


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