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Post Dryuary Celebration

16 Pax for a homecoming IronPax like circuit – 2 guests from Monroe: Bonhoffer and Double E.   Relief was in the air as the calendar flipped to 2/1.  Everyone seemed to have an extra hop in their step, smile on their face.  Only 60 minutes of pain between the Pax and a cold one.


Warmup -Mosey to lightpole loop that leads to the entrance of the school- various exercises at about 8 lightpoles

The Thang:  Parner IornPax Like Circuit

Circuit of 4 exercises that P1 repeats while P2 runs the .67 loop to school and around driveway – Queue up NJ’s Finest Radio Station: Exit11   All Bruce/Bon Jovi all the time

  1. 10 Coupon Burpees
  2. 25 Bobby Hurley’s
  3. 25 Overhead Press
  4. Coupon Bear Crawl

My planning called for about 3 laps per at around a 7-8 minute lap; however the sprinters blew that away which added to their lap count.

Burpees were horrible – but the Bear Crawl Coupon Pull or Push was pretty bad.

17 Minutes left – oh Crap – what now.  Go to the standard line-to-line prints

line to line round – 1 minute timer

  • 13 lines – burpee penalty
  • 12 lines
  • 11 lines
  • 10 lines
  • 9 lines
  • 8 lines
  • 7 Backward run
  • 6 side shuffle

Time –

Usual sprinters of dasher, gerber, now speedbump, Deadwood, Legal Zoom,BottleCap,  chicken man and now the slimmed down version of red wine – Rose – Zin pushed the laps and the line touches.

Bonhoffer and Double E representing well for Monroe – solid performance really killing it

Offline coming out of the gates in 2020 like his hair is on fire (ha),

Schieder with the icing on the cake for the octuple was not mailing it in – he wanted to earn the badge – well done

Banjo rides in style now but that didn’t soften him up – killed the reps and the laps

Same with Frack -not sure what got in his protein drink this year – but he’s on fire – even posting in Raleigh to keep the Octuple alive and Earn it – well done

Wedding Singer looking like he could run all the way to Colorado – it was good to partner with you one last time brother


COT – Announcements  – Christ Closet folding party to resume 2 weeks (Dana should be back – check with him)

Hit the cooler for Bud’s and Busch Lite for those that earned the Dryuary badge

out – nap time

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