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Feel the burn!

12 pAx managed to keep the alcohol intake to a minimum during the Superbowl and joined me for some fun this morning. 5:00 I dropped off plates that we all thought were going to be stolen as we ran by…more on that later.

DiCCCS given, let’s mosey

Opening one-mile warmup, slow to moderate pace. Everyone seemed to stick together and finish at the same time. Nice work guys!


SSH x 10 IC

5 count merkins (AKA The Frack) go down SLOW on a 5 count, at the bottom pulse 5 times and back up. Rinse and repeat. I think we did 3-4.

Diamond Merkins

Jimmie Dugan

Calf stretch

The Thang:

I counted off everyone in groups of 3.  2 pax on the right side of Pet Smart and the 3 third on the other side. P 1 starts pushing a plate (hair burners) towards the solo pax across the lot. When he hit halfway he stopped and ran to the waiting pax. That pax pushed it back to the next pax. If you were not pushing the plate you were doing squats, drydocks, lbc’s.  Each pax pushed 6 times.

Captain Therkin w/4 merkins. Man, I have never heard so many pax whine as I did today when I said 4 merkins after every set!! HAHA… man up boys, those were easy.

Mosey to Hickory Tavern. Peoples chair w/ air press/ jabs… Never again. AUDIBLE. Donkey kick holds.  This definitely got everyone’s attention as the wall holds were very long. The more a few Pax talked the longer I would hold it. Done

A couple of minutes to go so we ran a lap around the parking lot. As we are rounding the corner a car pulls up right beside all the weighted plates… Surely this person isn’t going to get out and nab these things.  We all made a hard left and headed right to the car where there was a young woman preparing to get out and go to work, false alarm!

Load the plates and COT!

AS I Qed today I looked around a bit at some of the Pax’s form and everyone looked pretty good.  I could care less if you modify if you are giving it 110%. Today I noticed Posse. Posse was literally killing his self on all the workouts we did. Not sure where it came from but he came to work today.  We all have different reasons for getting up at 4:45 to come workout in the cold..What are your reasons? Are you trying to cut weight, lower your cholesterol, get off that blood pressure medicine? I personally show up to burn calories and work hard. A hard workout helps me with stress and gives me more energy.  If you have been posting consistently for the last year and a half to two years and are still struggling you may want to check your diet or have a physical.  You should be progressing.  If your health is fine and you’re still not progressing….well you just need to man up and stop slacking.  The pax that posted at Asylum busted their A$* today…How did the pax at the other sites do?



Christ Closet Thursday @ 7:30

Q School 2/8 @ 6;30 Cuthbertson Middle

Beer Run 2/8 See GM calendar for details.




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