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Flash Forward

12 guys pulled themselves out of bed after a late night of watching the Super Bowl.  Apparently two of them missed the start of ignition as they had no business hanging with us Clydesdales.

I got there early to enjoy some of the Super Bowl banter and Monday morning quarterbacking.  However, what I got was a lot of talk about the half time show, the amount of grinding, and the comment that I guess we all know now that J LO gets a Brazilian wax (Respects may have to look that one up) after seeing her crotch in the camera for 10 strait minutes.  Please keep in mind, none of these were complaints.

Alright, lets get this started.  DICCS.



Figure 8 mosey around the middle school and back to our starting point.  Circle up for:

  • Jimmy Duggans (no clap or count this time)
  • Calf Stretch (again no count)
  • Parker Peters in Cadence (just to show I do know how to count



Mosey to path behind schools stopping at each light for an increasing number of Pulse Merkins (that’s a merkin and a half).  If you finish early, wall sit.  Last light (by my count) was the 8th light.  I’ve got to be honest, I could barely crank out those last 8 and they looked more like hand release merkins than they did pulse Merkins.  By the sounds of the grunting it sounds as if that whipped almost everyone.

On the wall for a quick round of wall slaps in cadence.

Mosey towards traffic circle stopping at the bottom path to wait on 6.  Once 6 arrived we did 10 reverse lunge walks and then 10 crawl bears up the hill/path.  Keep going until I say recover.  (I recovered after the second round).  Mosey towards traffic circle and team up in groups of 3.

P1 Top of the hill: grab fence for low slow squat hops

P2 Bottom of hill: Atomic Merkins (in/out merkin)

P3: Runner in between.

Completed three sets.  Asked if anyone needed a 10 count.   Someone did.  Very quick 10 count and we mosey towards football parking lot stopping at the center pole for Star Fish.

Center pole increasing burpees starting with 1 and ending with 5.

Corner 1: 15 Berishnicoffs Right leg. (front lunge hop into a back lung.  Keep one leg planted while other leg is moving)

Corner 2: 15 Berishnicoffs Left Leg.

Corner 3: 30 Monkey Humpers

Corner 4: 15 Fire Hydrant squats??? (I’ve called them Mok Tar Jai’s for legs before but was corrected that Shop Dawg had done them before and called them Fire Hydrant somethings).  Find grass, lunge down to knee then other knee then stand up.  Switch legs.

Legs were burning after this so what do we do….Mosey!   Head back towards the traffic circle.

50 bear crawls down the hill then recover at the bottom.  Easy Button (or Glidah, I’m not sure who) led Mary with 20 AmHam’s (American Hammers) in cadence.

Mosey to shed.  10 dry docks at each light heading back to start.  Easy’s Button’s wife came strolling down the path just in time to see 12 sweaty dudes with their asses in the air.  Easy Button and the M disappeared into Rudy’s Poop Palace for 5 minutes (not really but why spoil a good joke on the truth) though many pax agree is was less than 2 minutes.



  • Thanks to Rockwell for asking me to lead.  He gave me several options warning me that today was after the super bowl and he was having trouble getting someone willing to take it.  So of course I took it.
  • I wanted to keep us moving today keeping the heart rates high.  I have to admit, today got me.  I was out of breath much of the Q.  The Pulse Merkins had my chest the sorest I’ve been in awhile.  I definitely went to exhaustion on that one barely being able to knock rep 8 out at the end.  Just shy of 2.5 miles and a lot of calories burned.
  • Easy Button and Glidah stayed out front all day.  I guess that slept in from the super bowl and missed ignition.
  • Chainsaw pushed hard today.
  • I don’t know premature that well, but dude flew by me a few times.  Good work today.
  • I almost lost Xerox on the second bear crawl.  My bad.  Not an easy workout for guys with shoulder issues, I know.
  • Dough Boy was right there pushing me the entire workout.  Thanks for always being my accountability partner whether you know it or not.
  • High Hat walking on sunshine to the workout today.  Be on the lookout for lots of closet Chiefs fans today.  Since High Hat doesn’t do social media, here is a public call out (which I normally don’t like doing).  Its time for  you to step up and lead a workout.  Chiseled is waiting with open arms if you ever want to bust your cherry there.  Glad to hear you asking about Q school in COT.  Hoping your brother attends your VQ so you can wear him out and hang that over his head for awhile.  Love having you at workouts.  Your positive attitude is a breath of fresh air and can’t wait to see it in action as a Q.
  • Merlot and Slow Pitch getting stronger.  Both seemed interest in Q School.  Looking forward to seeing what your first workouts looks like as well.
  • Legalized even with all he has going on in his life is out consistently pushing.  Thanks for showing up today and pushing us all to get stronger.



  • Q School this Saturday.  6:30 at Cuthbertson Middle.  Get with Posse for sign up link (and I will ask that he post it in GroupMe)
  • March is a 1 Q month (Someone check on Deadwood).  Looking for your guys that have never Q’ed or don’t Q often to step up.  Don’t wait to be asked.  Be proactive.
  • Rockwell with the every indecisive Site Q speech.  He has been at Flash for a year.  Willing to roll off if someone wants to step in, but will also stay if no one will step up.  Goodfella in the same boat at Dromedary.  Reach out to them if you have interest.
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