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That Was My Favorite Bandana…

We all seemed to start on a happy note but as we took the COT photo before even starting it’s like some bad juju was in the air. We take off into the pitch dark….

BANG….Chastain with shin splints. BOOM….Carb Load’s recovering from back issues. FAAaAAARRRRTTTT…..and I’ve gotta poop. Which leads me to the title of my BB. Somewhere along the trail in American flag bandana. Just leave it there as it was used in a crime.

When i got back off the trail Chastain and Carb Load were counting in cadence between the two homes in Millbridge. Something tells me they won’t be invited over for supper anytime soon.

I’m sure the rest of the fellas crushed the CTT. Happy morning wood everyone!

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