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Another One Bites the Dust

Tomorrow, I turn 44 years old.  Age is purely a construct to formulate tormenting workouts that ensure we try and stay younger, feel healthier and push ourselves to be the best form possible.  Today, I learned I was on Q yesterday because your memory goes with age so I was appreciative of the reminder from my elder, Re-Calc, that I had something to do in the AM.

The Thang

  • Jog to the front of the school
    • SSD X43
    • Moroccan Night Club- X43
    • Calf Stretches
    • Merkens X43
  • Mosey to the Overhang at the Elementary School
    • Lap
    • 43 Dips
    • Lap
    • 43 Derkins
    • lap
    • 43 Step Ups
    • lap
    • 43 LBC’s
  • Mosey to the High School Stairs
    • 43 Calf Raises
    • 43 Donkey Kicks
    • Lap with 43 Calf Raises
    • 43 Jabs
    • Lap with 43 Calf Raises
    • 43 Mike Tysons
    • Lap with 43 Calf Raises
    • 43 Air Presses
  • Run to the high school parking lot
    • Bearicides
    • Run to the parking lines, bear crawl, run back
    • Bear Crawl two parking sections, run back
    • Bear Crawl three parking sections, run back
  • Mosey around the outside of the school back to the beginning


I would post all the people who came to the workout but Zinfindel has the video and I don’t have a great memory since I am turning 44.  I always enjoy taking us out and pushing us to do terrible things.  Great job to the crew braving the high wins that slammed us in the face on the way back.  See you tomorrow at the Homecoming Convergence.

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