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I’m soaked (your M didn’t say that)

It’s raining, it’s pouring and some men are trying to converge due to the rain that happened today? Calling for more rain tonight. But this workout is free and I’m an idiot………Ahh hell, let’s rock and roll.

For my 40th Q I was asked by Hooch back in like early November. Dude gets what it takes to Q a Site, proper planning and buffoon like Qs (that’s me!). No required mileage like Ignition but a simple request of “destroy everyone around you like they are getting stung by 1,000 wasps at once”. That’s the exact quote from Deflated and if you’ve met him you know he never jokes around and always speaks at a tone level you can easily hear.

Would people be water logged? Would people need to arrive via canoe? Are roads flooded? Are trees down? Was the stench of farts in the bed just too great to break free from?

DiCCS given. 3 teenagers. Let’s roll.


Mosey to Rudy’s for 40 x squats. Mosey near tennis courts for 40 x Merkins. Mosey to low circle for 40 x SSH. Mosey to other circle for 10 x Moroccan Night Club. Mosey to benches for 40 x dips. Mosey around curve to far lot for calf stretch. Another mosey for Jimmy Dugan.

Mosey to lot for a nice sequence of burpees at each light.

Mosey to Champion Forest. 20 x Speedskaters and 20 x Monkey Humpers, alternating between street lamps. Circle back for the 6 once you hit the intersection.

Partner up with opposite speeds. Run opposite ways around the long circle. When you meet your partner each knock out 5 x hurpees aka hand release Merkins. Complete 3 times. I should have stuck with this to hit 6mi but we ended with only two laps.

I audibled the final lap to 20 x Jump Squats and 20 x Lunges at each light back. We completed the 3rd silent “C” inside of our DiCCCS warning which stands for “cross”. We crossed together and safely.

Broke into two lines. Indian run all the way back. I think some dudes and


Wait, what is a moleskin? Foreskin? Does anyone read this far? I wrote the opening last night but now i have a beer in my hand. So….GREAT JOB EVERYONE! (Capitol letters equal success). See you all in the gloom.


See previous BBs. Commitment is closed.

Beer Run tomorrow.

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