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It’s Like Rain on Your Weddington Day

It wasn’t official, but some good Pax decided to kick the tires on the next AO to open in Waxhaw. I truly didn’t expect anyone to show. At most, maybe one other person, & we’d just test the limits of the campus: what’s locked, what’s muddy, what’s visible at 6:30 AM, etc. So when people started showing up, I had to start making up some stuff. I’ve never done that before. Every other Q I’ve done has been overly planned & overly fussed over. #NewSiteNewStandards, I guess?


Just barely misting rain at the start, but I wanted to show off that Homecoming has plenty of sheltered spaces to work out. Let’s go under the massive portico for 





Mountain Climbers



The Thang


Mosey to the Elementary School portico, which is a mirror image of the Middle School’s portico. Gerber was visibly impressed, “Whoa! I didn’t even know this was here!”

This is also the car rider line with numbered stops. Run to the end of the brick wall & come back to #3 sign for 3 burpees. Repeat to the 4th sign, all the way to the 8th sign.


Eh, it’s been a couple months, and this BB is for demo purposes only. 


I do remember we went to the top of Deal road & ran down the road to the gate, being sure to surround Speed Bump. Went to the brick pile to do some gear work. I pick the smallest bricks, while Mad Dog & Gerber pick the biggest bricks. Hmm. So we do all shoulder work.

Morrocan Night Clubs

Side Flies

Front Flies



Now the rain is really coming down, but I was ready to do some more work outside. Like a real man. Then Mad Dog says, “My wife is gonna kill me if I come home sick from working out in the rain!” With great admiration and respect for my fellow Weasel Shaker, we make our way back. Let’s be clear: in no way am I saying I’m tougher than a Marine. But I’m also not saying that.


Came back under the portico for Lt. Dan & Jack Webb.




I’m just putting words here so it looks like I had a lot to say when really, there was nothing to say. This is basically an Easter Egg in the video that if you actually pause to read it says more about you than it does about me. Really? If you have time for reading this, then come talk to me. I’ve got half a bajillion projects around the house that I need help with. Did you enjoy the video? Two thumbs up? Are you planning to stay for the end credits?



And check out the Rooster: I did it 2 years ago & had a blast!

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