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Kindergarten Counting

Back to school for another education.  Posse’s posse of a couple Veteran Q’s,(is that what a VQ is?) hope to usher in another batch of semi-qualified Q’s to generate more banter in GroupMe.

The Warm-up

hot lap.

Everyone step in to practice your counting.  Boitano and his 75 Merkins.  Posse Imperial Sqwalkers looked like a mamma duck faining an injury. Varying degrees of success and repetition.

In an effort to teach proper counting technique for our VQs, (lets see if I can make this PC) Goodfella proceeds to do humming bird SSHs while the rest of us flapped our wings like vultures, managing to get in one SSH for each of his 3… (is that a cadence count)

The Thang.

  • jog to the front of the school
    • assess location for workout options
    • partner up-50 dips-half lap-50 step ups-half lap
  • Bear crawl-hop
  • Burpees down the hill to Rudy’s dump shack at each lights
  • Bobbie Hurleys back to the COT


We learned a couple of good things to pass on in an effective way.  We anticipate your vocal judgement when we step out of our little shells to Q.


Get in the ARENA.  Get off the sidelines.  Now for a cup of Coffee and a deeper jump into the backend details at Micky D’s.


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