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New to the Q


Really bad imperial walkers by Posse

Around the circle with each new Q calling out a new exercise (amazing how you go blank in the circle for the first time).

The Thang

Goodfella took off like a jail break to the front of the Middle School to show how you don’t run off and leave the Pax.

Partner work with 1/2 circle and 50 Dips and 50 Step Ups.

Mosey to the busses for bear crawls and burpees between the columns for 1 set.

Mosey to the shed and grab a lifting rock.  Don’t pick the wrong rock (each exercise followed by shuffle to your left.) Chest presses, curls, squats, tricep extensions, and possibly one more that wasn’t that memorable anyway.

12 Min left, run the light pols with 5 Bobby Hurley’s at each pole.

Back to the start a bit early, so circle up and each of the Pax call out.  Push-up wave and we’re done.


No announcements and a great quote read by Posse.  Off to McDonalds for some more learnin.

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