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Posse Teaching Fresh Q’s

15 Leaders gather this morning in some cold 27 degree temperatures thirsty for knowledge.

Warm Up:

Posse went through an overview of some do’s and don’ts and had everyone go into the center and try their hand at leading an exercise.  There was no mistake, if you didn’t do it well enough for Posse, it was done again (no surprises there).

The Thang:

Goodfella took off running fast by himself, like he may have done in the past when he was younger going home from school, hoping his mom didn’t hang his pee stained sheets out the window for everyone to see he wet the bed.

We all partnered up to do 50 dips and 50 step ups with one person running a lap, while the other doing the exercise and trading off.
A short Mosey to the bus locations for some bear crawls and jump squats.  I didn’t get any takers for my demonstration of Alligator Merkins, but that’s ok, it will be back for my next Q.

Mosey to each light pole with 5 burpees at each light pole until we reached the bathroom area where we grabbed a rock for some exercises before a Mosey back to the parking lot stopping at each light pole for some Bobby Hurleys.


We may have started out shaky in the beginning, but Posse had us on track that by the end everyone was a fine tune machine.  It was
great to see everyone out there ready to take on the world.

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