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Q School and the Quest for New Qs

15 High Impact Men showed up for some learnin’ with Posse at the helm. F3’s mission is to plant, grow, and serve small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership. Congratulations fellas, you just took a big step towards that today.

Warm Up:

Took a lap around the starting lot then circled up for some practice in remedial math AKA: Counting. Posse did an excellent demonstration on how not to count cadence, including poor form, speed, rhythm. Goodfella and Gerber followed up with proper demonstrations of counting both in cadence as well as civilian counts. We then proceeded around the circle with each PAX choosing an exercise and calling the exercise as the Q would.

The Thang:

Goodfella then went cowboy on us and sprinted off towards the front entrance of the school. Another demonstration of what not to do as a Q: don’t leave your PAX behind.

We then partnered up and did a combined 50 dips and 50 step-ups while alternating a half lap around the front lot. Partners can be paired by like size/speed/ability or by opposites, depending on the type of exercises you want to do. You’re either combining strengths or pitting like vs like. It’s also a great way to eat up some time for your weinke if you’re running out of things to do.

Another mosey to the bus lot where Posse asked for the PAX to give him some ideas for the next exercises. Bear Crawls were suggested. Anyone else? Please? JWow suggested the Alligator Merkin. After his demonstration it was decided that it was a terrible idea so we did some bear crawls and jump squats between columns. Who knew jump squats could be used to move from one location to another?

Another mosey with exercises at each light pole. I honestly can’t remember the exercise we did, but that’s not the point. The point is you could do ANY exercise between light poles and it’s a great way to break up a long mosey and keep the PAX closer together.

Down at Transporter’s Shed/Rudy’s Office we grabbed some rocks and circled up for some lifting exercises. Most sites have a pile of rocks somewhere that can be used to get a little arm work in. Just remember, while doing your counting, make sure you’re counting slowly enough were the PAX can use proper form. It’s a better exercise and it helps prevent injury.

We’re running low on time, which brings up the important point to make sure you know how much time you have left. Goodfella suggested setting your watch alarm for 5 minutes ahead of the intended finish time. That way you’ve always got time to make a quick mosey back to the beginning.

In our case we did 5 Bobby Hurleys at each light post back to the starting lot. Some PAX went back for the six and others stayed in the lot and did some exercises. Either one is fine, but KEEP MOVING.

Final exercises…final…exercises…OK, I really don’t remember what they were…Doesn’t matter. The point is to finish together and on time. If you’ve followed the previous tip about setting your watch then you should all be back at the shovel flag with time to spare.


Lots of great lessons today. Lots of excellent leadership. If you’ve never Qd before then there’s never a better time to start. I think it’s awesome how many guys signed up and showed up. If you haven’t already been approached by a Site Q to lead your vQ then seek one out.

Posse, the real Q for today, led us in the closing. It doesn’t have to be a prayer. It can be a quote. A life lesson. An inspired thought. Make it yours.

Plan it. Lead it. Close it. #cradletograve


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