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The Breakfast Club

Welcome to Saturday morning Q School with Principal Posse and Coach Goodfella!

Location: Cuthbertson Middle School Campus

The Warm Up

We started off with a quick mosey around the side parking lot. When we returned from our mosey, we began doing a warm up with Posse who was leading us in warm ups by being a class clown. Come to find out later that it was done intentional as a way of showing us what not to do and what is the correct way of doing it.

Each Pax was then given the opportunity to practice leading a warm up exercise. Each Pax was given constructive criticism on what we were doing right and wrong during our tryout.

The Thang

After we concluded our warm up, Goodfella took off running to the front of the middle school and had us follow him after he had gained some distance from us. Once we all got to the front entrance of the school it was once again explained to us that this is not the proper way of leading the group. He then explained to us that not only is it important to make sure that there is a leader in the front of the pack, but that there is a leader in the back of the pack staying with people such as myself who fall behind the rest.

We were given examples of why staying with the group is important due to some recent tragic events where people had been hit or died and were found because they were off on their own and not with the group.

The group was then instructed to break into pairs. After pairing up, we were then given the workout of doing (50) dips, (50) step ups and doing a half run around the front island of the school parking lot. Once completed, we then moseyed to the bus stop. There, we completed bear crawls and broad jumps to the other end of the columns.

After we completed this, Principal Posse then got stern with the group, as the Pax waited for everyone to complete the workout, they were standing around talking when they should have been doing some other forms of exercise.

We were then instructed to mosey to the shed. But as we get to each light pole, we were to complete 5 burpees. Once we got to the shed, the group completed another exercise waiting for the rest of the Pax to catch up. We were then instructed to grab lifting rocks and circle up in the parking lot. After completing the first exercise we then found out we wouldn’t be staying in the same spot and were to shuffle left. This left some Pax with the difficulty of working out with a heavier rock then they had picked. A few Pax led different exercises such as curls, bent over rows along with a few others.

We then returned the rocks to the pile and met back at the shed and did a time check. We had 10-15 minutes left to get back to the side parking lot where we had began.

The next workout instructed was to do a run back to the side parking lot but stopping at each light pole where we would complete (5) Bobby Hurley exercises. Half of the group returned to pick up TB who was behind while the others returned to the side parking lot and completed some additional exercises.

Once all were back at the side parking lot we circled up and completed some demo exercises we can do to fill up any remaining time.

Posse led us out and explained to us all of the different ways that we can take the group out. He led us out using a quote that he had pulled up and saved on his phone.


We all worked together as a team today. We were educated and shown that there is more to Qing a workout then just what we see when we all show up to site each day. There is a lot of  prep work that goes into it. If we are Qing a site, we should arrive early and inspect the site to make sure that its up to safety standards to host the workout.

Best of luck to everyone who attended Q school today. For those who havent Q’d yet, I wish you all the best and that its everything you sought out to do.


For the month of March, no one is to Q more then once.

Everyone is getting together this morning to help move Shop Dog from his apartment to Millbridge.






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