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Qewbie Fest

Burning the midnight oil…..

15 PAX, 12 of which were Newbie Qs, gathered at Cuthbertson Middle on chilly February morning eager to learn how the magic potion is made….

DiCCS Explained….with longevity…..


Posse’s version of a circle jerk or was it jerks in circles?  Regardless, everyone took turns practicing the different ways of counting in cadence based on different types of exercises.


Low slow squats

Side straddle hop


Big Boy Sit Ups

Emperial walkers

…a few more I can’t remember


Mosey/chased Goodfella to the front of school where we learned what not to do when on Q.   Reviewed and practiced partner exercises and talked about when and how to use them.  Talked about using covered areas when its raining.  Mosied some more around the building and discussed using columns, light poles, trees, etc to do staggered exercises.  We practiced with some squats, burpies, etc.  We learned about time management and the importance of setting an alarm for 5 minutes remaining so we can start making our way back if we haven’t already.  We worked our way back to the start and learned how to closed the workout.


I learned today that I’ve been luke warm over the last 12 months and it’s time to get fired up.  Sprinkles and I will be on Q at Dromedary the 1st and 2nd week of March.  Looking forward to getting after it and getting to know everyone and getting some FNGs to come join our insanity!!!  Posse, Goodfella, and Gerber did an awesome job today.  Thanks brothers!

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