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How to Disassemble a 4+ Mile Run

So this was my third Q ( yes, I know I still need to attend Q School… ) and my first to lead a group of gazelles at Ignition. So, the biggest challenge for me was how do I run 4+ miles and make it creative and fun? So I went with what was familiar; my hood and a track that I mapped out and used to run before I was recruited by #f3waxhaw. (Thanks @Hollywood). And also what better way to promote group participation than to put each pax on the spot and lead an exercise throughout the workout? So that was the basic recipe for my weinke…



Mosey to front of middle school

SSH x 20

Potato picker x 5

JDs L & R

Merkins x10

P parkers x10

Mtn climbers x10

Calve stretch



Burpee Indian run to middle school side entrance on Cuthbertson Rd

Jail break to Lawson entrance


Run down to T section stopping at each side st

Complete 5 burpees

10 Mike Ts

15 jumping lunges ( 16 for those OCD folks that need to make it even )


Mosey to 5 forks pool parking lot – at this point I explained our two options and realized that too many words this early in the morning is counter productive and creates mass confusion…

PAX choice – either


Partner up

.5mi lap and then 20 pull ups

40 box jumps

60 squats

(split with partner)


OR – J/K we’re going with a “L220” – That’s a Lawson 2 mile run with 20 rep exercise at each intersection & cul-de-sac.


L220 Run to Lawson entrance.

2mi run – first pax to ea culdesac and intersection picks the exercise x 20 reps

I think there were a total of 12+ stops so everyone got a chance to lead. Abs seemed to be the popular choice which I think worked out well.


Jail break back to cuthbertson side entrance


Moseyed back to side parking lot for partner work P1 does dips rd 1, derkins rd 2, step ups rd 3 on picnic tables P2 runs a hot lap around the parking lot and tags P1 to switch Rinse and repeat

Deadwood used our last 90 seconds for an ab web of big boys and v-ups.



The whole Q was a blur since I arrived with about 4 minutes to spare. Dicccs (added the extra “c” for “crossing”) were given during eager chatter to get started I guess and then we were off. We moved quickly and crushed, what I’m sure will become famous, my L220 run which was the main course of my weinke for the day… Enforcing the pax participation rule throughout the course was important otherwise Bottlecap and Hollywood would have led the majority of the exercises. They can’t help it… And I get it; once you start you can’t stop, it stings. I don’t think I could have worn this group out with any number of intersections or cul-de-sacs. Everyone crushed it and pushed each other the whole time. And even literally saw a pax pushing another up one of our hills. Awesome


This week offers the chance for a 9’er badge. Whatever y’all are calling it… Push yourself and level up this week! Keep Chicken littles family member in your thoughts and prayers this week.

God speed!

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