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I guess I’m Pinky

Today’s workout was brought to you by the iconic video game Pac-Man developed in 1980  where an 8 bit pizza shaped character was to maneuver around a puzzle board eating up little dots without getting eaten by ghosts. I’m sure none of you have ever heard of it, but trust me it was a thing. Anyway, if you look overhead at the New Town parking lot you can almost make out a simplified version of the board which inspired me for this particular Q. Plus it was threatening to rain so I wasn’t trying to wonder off and find puddles and the like.

The Thang

We warmed up with a half lap, circled up for SSH’s, Jimmy Dugan’s, Imperial Walkers, Calf Stretches, and Dry Docks. From there the plan was simple, there were four entrance points to the main parking lot where we would do an exercise of some sort then snaking around to the next entrance point. Once complete, we’d do a full lap around the exterior and repeat.

  • Round 1 – alternate monkey humpers and dry docks
  • Round 2 – alternate speed skaters and merkins
  • Round 3 – alternate squats and lunges
  • Round 4 – alternate squatted air presses and jabs
  • Round 5 – alternate speed skaters and dry docks

Lastly, run around like dummies for a minute and half because we didn’t get to 45 yet.


I think it’s safe to say the Gerber was our Pac-Man with the rest of us trying to catch him and to figure out who was Inky, Blinky,Pinky and Clyde. I happened to be in a bright pink shirt so I guess I’m Pinky.

That was my first non-Cuthbertson Q, tried to come up with ideas to get us covered but a scan of the grounds proved otherwise. The rain held off so life was good. Thanks to Smithers for the invite to Q, take a note my friend: WE DID NOT LIE DOWN ON THE GROUND WHEN IT WAS SOAKING WET. 


  • Folding party at Christ Closet this Thursday


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