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Long Over Do Weight Loss Update

As we enter Week 5 YHC has not been able to provide as frequent updates as expected.  In fact had to schedule a work travel trip in order to ensure an update can be posted.  So without further adieu let us see how the competition is shaping up.  Remember competition ends 3/5/20.

Current Top 3 Individuals who are in the money:

  1. Smithers – down 22.7 lbs (9.0%) continues to use his TI 84 calculator to record every meal and has taken control of the top spot in week 5.
  2. Blades of Glory – down 23.4 lbs (8.4%) did he shoot from the red line with early weight loss and incur an “icing” infraction or can he find his way to his goal weight.  Time will tell
  3. Doughboy – down 22 lbs (7.7%) based on losing the top spot has committed to reducing intake from 1,000 calories day to just a mini rice cake in hopes of reclaiming the crown.  On side note, ensure all Q’s going forward have proper chap stick on site to resuscitate if needed.


Pax just outside the money

  • Deflated – down 15.3 lbs (7.4%) potential to reach Top 3 if warm weather kicks in as additional layers will begin to increase sweat output
  • Foundation – down 17.4 lbs (7.1%), due to fat shaming by Smithers at remains in striking contention
  • Boitano – down 13.2 lbs (5.6%), Give him a grape or an orange but none of that stinkin rootbeer until this competition is over.
  • Deadwood – down 9.4 lbs* (4.4%) was down last week with swine flu…in where he just ate bacon.  Somehow between the 20+ weigh ins on everything from official scale, scale at home, to produce scale at Harris Teeter supposedly is down 9 lbs.
  • Banjo – down 10 lbs (4.1%), made it through Dryuary, interested to see impact of latest beer run from this past Saturday
  • Deep Dish – down 8.4 lbs (4.0%), appears to switched out the deep dish for the lean cuisines and almost down double digits

Pax outside looking in…

  • Recalculating – down 6.2 lbs (3.0%), did he subscribe to the liquid diet?  After 3 drinks, does not give crap what he weighs?  We shall see in next few weigh ins coming up
  • Jingles – down 7.6 lbs (2.9%), not only a lurker on GroupMe but looking to lurk and magically appear at final weigh in a winner?  We will find out
  • Nails – down 5.5 lbs (2.2%), with no additional logged weights unsure of progress.  But teammate Zin has sent him on trip to Haiti in hopes of remodeling his teammate.
  • Fuse Box – down 5.4 lbs (2.2%), the Don of Briarcrest will the client roadshow end and allow for him to move up chart?
  • Zin – down 4.6 lbs (2.1%), refuses to weigh in again until it earns him a new badge, request remains in pending status with app help desk
  • On Time down 4.6 lbs (1.9%) continues to drop lbs while on IR.  Will time run out before he can cash in?
  • Rudy – down 4.2 lbs (1.8%), continues to show up every morning, but will Coach Devine finally let him log another weigh in?
  • Damascus – down 3.8 lbs (1.6%), has not weighed in past week 1, YHC still has 10+ emails to answer related to questions being asked on how competition works
  • Wedding Singer – down 3.2 lbs (1.4%), Farewell tour added few lbs from week 1, lets see what CO living does in final weeks
  • Brutus – down 2 lbs (0.9%), unsure if consistent posting of waffles by Recalc has caused him to avoid scale, but lets see if he will log another weight this comp

Team Standings:

  1. Team Ice Capades (Deflated/Blades Glory/Boitano)  – 21.4%
  2. Team Chocolate Cookie (Deadwood/Foundation/Smithers) – 20.4%
  3. Team Hunger Games(Recalc/Doughboy/Banjo) – 14.9%
  4. Team Rex Ryan Love Bunions (Deep Dish/Jingles/Damascus) – 8.5%
  5. Team Delirium Tremens (Zin/Nails/Rudy) – 6.2%
  6. Team Traveling Circus (Brutus/Fuse/Wedding Singer) – 4.4%

Remember a few weeks left, lets see how many more can cross into the 20+ lbs club by the final weigh in.

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