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A Little Something for Everybody

DiCCS Given, let’s go.

Warm Up

Mosey around the parking lot, up to the road along side the high school towards the globe.  Potato Pickers, Jimmy Dugans, Merkins, Mt. Climbers, Moroccan Nightclubs.

The Thing

Mosey into one of the two coves at high school.  In cove 1, 10 Mike Tyson’s – 40 Donkey Kicks, Mosey to 2nd cove – 9 MT’s – 30 DK’s, Mosey back to 1st cove – 8 MT’s – 20 DK, Mosey to 2nd cove – 7 MT’s, 10 DK’s, Mosey back to 1st cove.

Next Up Sprint O Rama:  Choose a partner of similar sprinting ability.  Line Up next to partner, we were several rows deep.  1st row – Sprint 50 yards.  Winner does 5 Burpees, Loser 10 Burpees (or you could split them if you were in a friendly mood).  Pax waiting to run hold plank position until everyone was done sprinting and exercises were completed.  Rinse and Repeat + 3x for a total of 4 sprint.  Other exercises for winner/loser were Merkins, Dry Docks and Big Boy Situps.

Mosey back to parking lot and you’ll see 4 orange cones in each corner of the lot.  The ol’ 7 of Diamonds.  At each corners do the following exercises, mosey in between each cone  with the following reps (total of 4 sets each):  7 Merkin (x4).  14 Bobby Hurley’s (x4).  21 Plank Jacks (x4). 28 Flutters (x4).  21 LBC’s (x4), 14 High Knee Jumps (x4)….uh oh, less than 3 minutes left.  Mosey to far edge of parking lot.  Suicides.  Mosey to COT.  Done!

Ye Olde Moleskin

Poor Deepdish pulled a hammy, hope it’s not serious and he’s able to get back out soon.  Everyone I saw was working hard.  My goal was to do a little bit of everything to get a full body workout and keep the heart rate up, hopefully that objective was met.  Iron Sharpens Iron – Thank you.


Christ Closet – Thursday in Waxhax, need help organizing and folding clothes into bins for donation.  7-7:30ish to about 9-9:30ish, check Group Me for details.

March Q Challenge – 67 workouts, goal is not to have any Pax Q more than 1 workout, we’ll be counting on everyone to step up and make this happen.  If you’re worried abouting Qing, don’t be.  Reach out to any site Q and we can guide you through it, you got this.  We did this back in the fall and it was successful.

YHC took us out in prayer.

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