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LRC – 3 Couples and the 7th Wheel (Smithers)

You own a zebra, I own a goat, what the hell does that have to do with running?

It was a Couples Retreat today at LRC with 3 power couples (Deadwood/Zin, Hooch/Longhorn, Deflated/Foundation) and Smithers making for a total of 7 pax.  Today the route was to run the standard loop (1.5 miles) in reverse.  With majority of Pax at the starting point we take off and begin running.  Each couple settles in for a  stroll through Lawson neighborhood.  Along the way we run into our final couple Hooch/Longhorn and they join in for a portion before departing the island and heading back to the other side of Lawson.  Around the 1/2 way mark Zin/Deadwood breakout for a private session of Guess your disease or translate your tribal tattoo and leave before COT.  After mile 6 Deflated  tells YHC to take the French out of my mouth and don’t tell him what to do.  So he decided to end at 6 miles.  Smithers finished with PR for distance.





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