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Recovery Time = 3 Days

18 showed up and got what they were expecting. Or not. Okay I’m not sure. There were smiles though, al least in the beginning.

Diccs and we’re off

Warm –up:

Mosey to Jackson Ave and set up shop in Center Grove Freewill Baptist Church

All IC: Perter Parkers x10, Merkins x15, Plank Jacks x20, Elbow plank 25 seconds, Mountain Climbers x20, Wide Arm Merkins x15, Parker Peters x10. Stay in plank for directions.


–From parking lot, down Jackson to first light pole and back, 20 Carolina Dry Docks, second light pole and back, 20 Dry Docks, last light pole and back 20 Dry Docks

Bottlecap led us in Flutter x20 IC

Then on elbows (smooth parking lot, not one complaint), elbow peter parkers x10 IC, Elbow plank jacks x10 IC

–Mosey to intersection of High St. and Price St.-Run to first light pole and back, 25 Merkins, second light pole and back, 25 Merkins, end of Street at Main St. and back, 25 Merkins

Bottlecap led with Dolly x20 IC

Mosey back to side of Waxhaw United Methodist Church on Church St- Plank work, + Maktar Ndiaye x 10 IC (smooth street again) –Plank during instructions

–Run to Village Laundromat, 10 burpees, back to start 10 burpees-Then run down Church St, to Bivens St, 20 Merkins, back to start 20 Merkins, then all the way down Keith Jong Un Death Hill, 30 Bomb Jacks, back up to start 30 Bomb Jacks

Ab Mix–Rosalita x20 IC, Big Boy x15, Heels to Heaven x 15 IC, Big Boy x15

–Partner up for last 7 minutes-At Bivens St., one partner run to bottom of Keith Jong Un Death Hill, 10 Dry Docks, other partner to side of Waxhaw United Methodist Church, 10 Dry Docks, when meet 5 Hand Clap Merkins, flip flop. Did this until time was up + some quick Mary for the last 30 seconds.


That seemed like a tough one out there. Tough for me at least. Not sure if it was the humidity or just overall push by the PAX and our competitive nature. YHC is pretty sure that the new asphalt on Mr. Un’s Death Hill added at least 5% to the grade, as going up seemed especially hard today. Shout out to the PAX who were all kicking butt going up that thing multiple times. Guys were working hard today, really getting after it. I reiterate, NOT ONE COMPLAINT ALL MORNING!

Should have known we (yes I’m speaking for the PAX) were going to be in trouble today when #1-the Warm Up was kicking our butts and #2-I looked down at my stupid watch only 20 minutes in and see HR levels I don’t usually reach.

The plan for today was just some good ol’ fashioned running mixed in with various exercises the same two exercises. Kept it pretty simple, only hit one of the three named Waxhaw hills and stayed close to home to avoid most the hazards that The Floater possesses. We didn’t get an annoying dog bark, deer sighting, scary sound from the bushes, had limited cars, no train, really was quiet out there today.    (This next part may not be true) I may have even stopped to walk for a second couple of seconds? going up Death Hill. What makes F3 great is that I gathered my breath (allegedly) and started moving again (remember I may not have actually stopped), something I know I wouldn’t have done were I alone. The F3 push. Plus Glidah was pulling away and Bottlecap + Easy Button were making me look bad. The rest of the PAX were pushing it and even if having to stop or slow down, YHC noticed that they getting right back to running or Merkins or whatever else we were doing (actually that’s pretty much it).

And since YHC’s stupid watch used its advanced algorithms and scientific formulas to tell me that my recovery time needs to be 3 days after this workout, I guess I’m not allowed to post again until Monday. Until then…


–Clyent Dinner-Frack promises to wreck your upper body; tonight 5:30;  Followed by a folding party at Christ Closet 7-7:30pm

–Local options for tomorrow-all good choices

Impromptu-Chicken Little



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