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A Little Resistance Running at SWARM

Temperatures were good this morning as 7 PAX made their way out a little early to kickoff SWARM a good 16 to 17 minutes before IMPROMPTU takes off.   Although one of our smaller groups so far at SWARM, everyone was ready to push themselves to the max.    What a better way than introducing something new to help everyone work on their speed.

DICCs/Disclosure/Long Mosey to front of High school


SSH, IW, Plank, Stretching

2 lights forward/back w/10 Jump lunges there and 10 Shoulder Tap Merkins back.
Flap jack with 10 Plank Jacks there and 10 Bomb Jacks back
Final Flap Jack with 10 Squats here and 10 Dry Docks back.

Break into groups of 4
Station 1 – Parachute down and back
Station 2 – Curl to Press with Rock
Station 3 – Plates down and back
Station 4 – Suicide burpee each stop and sprint back to start
Station 5 – lying overhead reach using core
Rinse Repeat/Rinse Repeat

Hit the Amphitheatre for 35 Dips and 5 Bench Jumps x 3

Burpee Run Back


Very little to No complaining, just a bunch of dudes pushing it really really hard.   As usual Dasher, Hollywood, GoodFella and Legal Zoom lead the way as Dana, Deflated and Myself were in the six.   Everyone seem to think the resistance run with the parachute was different and challenging, but so were the hair burners.    Workout seemed to go by fast as everyone at the end looked gassed.


Christ Closet next week needs assistance (DM Ackbar for details)

Hooch took us out


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