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3 Strikes you’re OUT!

Great morning after a very fun Friday evening (Not what you think,  get your mind out of the gutter).  Pulling in to see Goodfella doing his thang with what I thought was  pre-run,  then hopped out the car eagerly looking to get started as it was cold, and I hate the cold.  Give the disclaimer and mosey up to the school.

WU: Typical, SSH, Merkins,  some runners stretch and something else.

The Thang: OLE Fashion boot camp.   Mosey to the bottom lot.  Run the outside poles, burpees 10,9,8,etc.  Finish and mosey to the top lot.  Partner up,  300, strike that, 200 Air squats, 200 CDD, Strike that 100, followed by 50 mike Tyson.  This while P2 runs the lot.  Mosey down to the bottom lot,  run the poles jump squats 10,9,8 etc around the lot mosey to the top.  Partners again,  this time 200 forward lunges, 100 Air presses, 50 merkin shredders.  Aannnnd we didn’t finish.  Mosey back to the beginning finish with some mary for the hour.


Moleskin:  Some real call outs today.   Mark mosey is not looking so Mark mosey ish any more.  He was side by side with me back to the lot the second time.  Fuse was killing the air squats, Chainsaw  executed proper form on the merkin shredders.   All took a shot at my Wisconsin accent on the burpee run der hey.  Run Flat and Popeye showed a no quit attitude.  Premature and Carb-load showed aggression on on the runs.  Doughboy and Mad didn’t waiver,  Rubbermaid is truly the energizer bunny. TB is showing his determination and continues to push himself . Dana is a quick first res-ponder because of my inability to see a large rock and took a dive on the turn.  It sucked but the pax, showed their support as we do and quickly came around me to assess my injury.  Good news is it wasn’t as bad as it looked and Dana didn’t have to gurney me out of there.  That said, I truly did feel the brotherly love and concern of which we are all about.  With that, it was a frustrating finish to my 3rd Q this week, not sure if it was the spaghetti dinner last night but i felt really good this morning especially after qing the brave yesterday so it sucked to strike out like that.  That said, that is what life is about,  it will throw you curve balls,  how we respond to it will determine who we are,  I am grateful to have men of Character in my life that allow me to see and grow through life’s challenges. I’ll be back up to bat soon enough.

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