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My wife thought my weinke was too hard

7 beasts and 1 tennis player got after it at the only best 0.0 Gear workout in Waxhaw.  In preparation for my first Diesel Q, I dusted off the ole weinke machine.  Since it was the night before Valentine’s Day, I gave the M a sneak preview.  To say she was not impressed would be usual an understatement.  After she said “That is too hard.  I’ve never seen anything like that.”  I decided to modify the plan a bit.


  • Mosey Circle up right where you are standing
  • SSH, Merkins, Peter Parkers


  • Partner up
  • 8 stations
    • 45lb dumbbell Chest Press/Cinder Block Jump Overs
    • Forearm Slamball Grab Overhead Toss/Big Boy Slamball sit-up
    • 55lb bar curl/Flutters
    • 50lb Bucket Shrugs/Dorothy Hurleys (heel touch, heel click)
    • 40lb Dumbbell Shoulder Press/Knee ups
    • 35lb Hammer Curls/35lb Goblet Squat
    • 30lb Kettlebell Swings/Bomb Jacks
    • 20lb Shoulder Flies/J-Lo’s
  • P1 does 30 of weighted exercise / P2 does 30 of other exercise
    • Can’t stop until second partners does 30
    • Flapjack
    • Then 20 of each
    • Flapjack
    • Then 10 of each
    • Flapjack
    • Switch stations until all 8 are complete
  • Farmer Carry around parking lot to my car


  • Turnbuckle really impressed me today.  The man didn’t shortcut any reps.  Even though I was begging him a couple times.  Well done brother
  • Mayhem and Draper keep showing up and pushing hard.  Time to get out of the friendly confines of Five Stones AO and venture to other workouts
  • Gerber showed up with a USA wifebeater and jorts . . . Not sure what he did after that as I was so distracted
  • Big 10 is a weird guy to figure out . . . He acts/talks like he can’t keep up but the man pushes hard and can throw around some weight.  No quit
  • Chastain and Brutus are a great power couple . . . They not only are doing great at being Site Qs (thanks for the help in setting up and tearing down) but they push each other and everybody else at each workout I see them at (except for today’s Homecoming when Chastain was sandbagging)
  • Diesel is a great workout and kudos to Chastain and Brutus for starting it.  Great option for FNGs and MASH (injured guys), but I would urge all PAX to check it out as a nice change of pace.  There were some heavy weights out there and we don’t do that at our boot camp workouts so you are working out different mucked and/or working muscles differently.

#CradleToGrave prayer by YHC . . . We are truly blessed . . . Let’s live like we know that!

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