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Low mileage!

5 Pax joined me for a plethora of webs! I like Qing The Arsenal and love the campus at Indian Land, many options! 5:30 hit and we mosey and as we are running away a few pax pull up. My opening mile was quickly audibled to wait on the tardy Pax.


SSH x 10 IC

Merkins x 10 IC

MC x 10 IC

Lets Mosey! Mosey to the big parking lot near the high school for Captain Therkin w/4 merkins. The Indian Land guys need more ab work, Pax struggled to get through this. Let’s mosey!

Run towards high school and circle up for Lt. Dan. Shake N Bake knew how bad this was gonna suck but the other Pax didn’t until we hit 5/20…They quickly realized that their a&%## would be pretty sore in the days to come.

Mosey back to the big parking lot for Doc Web… 1 Dry Dock / 4 Bear Crawls stop at 10/40.  The first time I experienced this exercise was with Doughboy at Watchtower and I couldn’t get through even half of it, now I can call the whole routine out and do it! Embrace the suck! (insert joke). mosey back for COT.

Great work guys and thanks to Happy Meal for reaching out and letting me Q.



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